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Nikky T and FrenchieBabyy Invite Us to 'Shake It" With Their Latest Single

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, recording artist and dancer Nikky T teams up with rapper FrenchieBabyy for their lively latest single, "Shake It."

First getting a taste of the entertainment industry through ballet class at the mere age of three led Nikky T to use the stage as her escape for years now. Having received vast opportunities to collaborate with various artists and further increase her knowledge in songwriting and music creation, Nikky T is more than excited to introduce new listeners to her engaging and versatile sounds.

Delving into a heated atmosphere with her latest single, "Shake It," Nikky T and FrenchieBabyy bring us all the energy and life that we seek during the ongoing summer season. Produced by Notch P, the song's sonics truly offer a sense of exhilaration through their punchy drum breaks and scorching hot synth arrangements.

Hitting play on "Shake It," the track opens with a pulsating and vibrant synth alongside a crisp array of drums that set the song's stimulating and exciting tone. As Nikky T makes her bright and fresh vocal appearance, she begins to groove away with the song's sonics while encouraging us to shake it side to side and leave our worries at the door.

As FrenchieBabyy begins to delve into his heated rap, he offers a similar energetic performance while busting it down to the fiery beat and letting us into a powerful atmosphere that encourages us to get up and moving. We love the intense and high-energy feel of this song, as Nikky T and FrenchieBabyy offer a perfect bop to hit repeat on all summer long.

Sharpen your dance moves with help from Nikky T and FrenchieBabyy's latest single, "Shake It," available on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Nikky T. We're getting down and dirty with the overall vibe and high-energy atmosphere you've delivered within your recent single, "Shake It." What inspired you to release such an anthemic club banger like this?

I wrote this “Shake It” during the midst of the pandemic, so ideally I was making this song to try and escape the outside world and to remember what it was like to be outside dancing and having fun with your friends. I wanted to create a song that would go well in the clubs, parties, events, etc because it's just a feel-good song, when you hear the beat or lyrics you can’t help but dance. I made “Shake It” back in 2020 but I held off on releasing it for an entire year because I was waiting for the outside world to open up and for summer so that listeners could truly feel and envision what the song represented and the real meaning behind it.

What drew you to collaborate with rapper FrenchieBabyy on your latest single, "Shake It?" What was your collaborative experience like with him?

When I was writing “Shake It” I had a really great feeling about the song, I think the hype and potential had really made me want to look for a special feature to truly bring this song to life. I had been great friends with Frenchiebabyy and I immediately thought “his bay area hype and bone-breaking would be perfect for this upbeat song.” I reached out to him and he also loved the concept, so he came through to Recordbook studios and we got it done! He has always been such a positive, hard-working person and I couldn’t have thought of a better person to collaborate with on this song, so thank you Frenchie for trusting in me. I also would like to give a huge thank you to Notch P who produced this track, he put his all into creating this track for us, and he has done an incredible job!

How did you want your audience to feel after listening to "Shake It?" What sort of feelings or sensations did you want to offer through this song?

There were two concepts behind the song “Shake It.” When I was writing this song at home I was picturing myself in a club dancing with my girls and letting our hair down for a fun girls' night out. I wanted people to feel like they had no worries in the world and just for those few minutes, they could focus on letting go and being in the present moment. The second concept I had was sort of a love story; it takes place in the nightclub where I met someone special for the first time and the story takes listeners through both of us wanting each other, all the while, still having fun and enjoying the time and place. These concepts are how I created the song in my mind, however, others are welcome to feel or interpret the song in whatever way they would like! My biggest hope for this song was to make people smile, dance, and feel good either with themselves or with friends.

Seeing that your previous songs offer this soothing and midtempo feel, does "Shake It" marks a new chapter for your future music? Might you delve deeper into creating more high-energy and stimulating tracks like this?

I really enjoy making upbeat songs, I think it is a genre I would like to dig deeper into. When I made the song “I’m Single” I had so much great feedback, and people loved being able to move and dance to it, so that is what also inspired me to go back and write something people could have fun too. I have received nothing but great feedback for “Shake It”, so I am looking forward to giving my listeners more to shake to!

What's next for you?

I have about thirteen unreleased tracks that I would like to release as an EP, so I think what is next for me is releasing this EP! I am excited for people to hear the new sounds and inspirations that I have developed during my artistic journey.

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