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Niko Stark Brings His Latest Hit "Hold On"

Niko Stark is a French DJ, songwriter, and record producer. Niko Stark began musical production influenced by the US Hip-Hop, Pop & Electronic scene.

Niko Stark works and collaborates on several projects with an influential Parisian producer. With the experience gained during his career, he decided in 2014 to create his independent label ART-NS RECORDS. Niko Stark collaborates with some of today’s most emerging artists, enriching and diversifying his projects.

Niko Stark released the thematic record titled “Hold On,” and it was a major VIBE! The pop-soaked production was fun and enjoyable to listen to. “Hold On” was a finely-calibrated and grandiose charismatic hit that can be a good tune to dance alongside fall in love too! Can summer love be in the air for you? Imagine listening to a stratospheric and atmospheric dance hit with romantic melodies that can get you into the party mood in a relaxed manner.

The song goes through various transitions, shying away from a singular-paced track. Instead, the multiple components and elements fused in “Hold On” created a more diverse and unexpected experience. The rhythm of each transition was on point, despite being at different paces. Niko Stark is undeniably a talented artist who has a lot in store for him. “Hold On” is an excellent offering from this hitmaker.

Being a DJ may have many different challenges opposed to recording the song, so we must ask, what’s the most difficult aspect in producing the perfect hit?

I think that the "perfect hit" is based on artistic honesty. Being a DJ is a privileged contact with the crowd. I can clearly feel the positive energy that the public can have. In opposition, when I produce a song. I must be in my feelings. If one day I'm sad I have to use that to create a melancholic song, if I'm happy I'm doing the same thing. I think that's one of the challenges. And if you feel something in turn when you listen to my songs, I succeeded. This is the biggest challenge. It’s beginning of everything.

What has been the most monumental moment in your career thus far? 

The most monumental moment is coming. I challenge myself continuously. I knew several key moments, meetings that helped to create my own story. But I think that the monumental moment must be like the Holy Grail. What is exciting is the way to achieve it. when I get closer, it could be a monumental moment.

Tell us about this hit “Hold On”! What was your vision for it?

My vision of this song was based on "gender fusion". I wanted to find in this music of the vibrations "rock" that one finds with the riff of guitar on a rhythm "hip-hop" and all on contemporary electronic sounds. I also wanted to create an effect at first listen. A lot of current music has a very linear structure, I wanted to surprise the audience with a song like "hold on", creates a change of tempo in the middle allows to approach different feelings on a single song.

In your artist point of view, how would you construct the perfect environment to listen to “Hold On” ?

The perfect environment to listen to, will be in the hours or the night comes, during the sunset, at the wheel of a superb sports car on the California coast around Santa Monica or Arizona road not so far of Monument Valley with as only goal rolling towards the horizon ... Yes it can Looked like a scene in fast & furious movies! 

Thank you for sharing with us Niko Stark! Any exciting upcoming announcements you’d like to make?

Thanks you too, it’s a pleasure to share my work with you. Coming soon I have several collaboration that will come out with artists from US. I don’t yet the release date of the next title called "OCEANS" in collaboration with my friend who sings on "hold on", his name is V.I.N.C.E. an amazing singer. The song could be coming at the end of June . But we'll talk about it soon. We stay in touch!


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