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Nomi Lets Her "Fire" Burn Brightly In Her Latest Collaboration With Star Stable Entertainment

Visual and musical artist Nomi is leading the way in using computer games as a platform for music. Crossing the limits of exploring the relationship between digital avatar and live artistry, Nomi is not only a singer, composer, and gamer, but she is also a 3D animator, rider, and one of few women in the tech behind the scenes of creating content and computer game adventures for the global gaming fans.

Teaming up with Star Stable Entertainment, the collaborative efforts between them and Nomi bring the latest release, "Fire," to life. Acting as the theme song for the new animated series Star Stable: Mistfall, Nomi's song has given the gamers and Mistfall fans a more profound experience of her beautiful and energetic Pop vibrancy.

Dazzling listeners with an immersive sonic experience, "Fire" decoratively flourishes in the manner in which a fire burns more passionately with kindling. Nomi radiates her sultry and captivating quintessence with a vocal performance that illuminates her powerful vocal range. Shedding themes and meaningful messaging about walking through the flames of life, Nomi and Star Stable Entertainment put it all on the table as they move beyond the borders of gaming, with a diverse product line dedicated to inspiring young tween and teen girls and celebrating the power of sisterhood.

We can't help but get lost in the instrumentation's intricate creation as the musical elements mesh ever so seamlessly around Nomi's heavenly cascade of vocals. The components of this mid-tempo burst of energy elevate us to a higher realm of superiority where "Fire" could be the theme song to our lives.

As we take in the collaborative talents' full capability, we become affixed to the fluent movement of this song as it sweeps over you eloquently. Nomi exudes a blissful performance that casts an uplifting ambiance out into the world. "Fire" proves that you should never dull the shine you hold within.

Congratulations on the release of, “Fire.” How did the wonderful collaboration between yourself and Star Stable Entertainment come to be?

Hello BuzzMusic, and thank you so much! I could never have dreamt about this opportunity a couple of years ago when I was a Star Stable gamer myself. Which inspired me to start educating myself within game development in the first place. A game for girls made by a Swedish company! I started playing back in 2012. I’ve read all of their books and I was a big fan before I started as an intern one year ago. As a horse girl, game artist, and musician, it couldn’t be more perfect. I will never forget the first interview I had with the art director for Star Stable, Ullis Linder. I played some songs for her for fun because we were in the middle of talking about fantasy and creativity. Spontaneously she said that it would be a fun idea if I could sing for the game, it all started as a fun idea. She asked me if she could pass the music on to Jimmy Wahlsteen, who is Head of Music for the company. When I later started as a 3D Artist at the company, I had a meeting with Jimmy and he had the same idea as Ullis. I remember him asking me if this is something that I would like to do, to release music for the game and become an actual character within the world of Jorvik. And I said yes of course! I showed Jimmy some of my music, and he uploaded them on their music server. Later, Axel Bellinder, who also works with music for Star Stable, and composed music for the Mistfall series, contacted me and said that he had heard the song “Fire” on their servers and wanted to use it for the series.

With the purpose of this release being specifically tailored for Star Stable: Mistfall, how was the creative process for, “Fire,” different from other songs that you’ve had the chance to create? Actually, Fire was created 2 years before Mistfall was released. Fun fact. When the song was created, years before my time in Star Stable, we were talking about how well it would fit with a series or movie. And here we are! “Fire” is a song that represents how I felt back then, haunted by a big world where you need to fight to reach your dreams. The song is a metaphoric story about believing in yourself and find your way through the surrounding chaos. Coincidently the song worked with the theme of the Mistfall series so well.

When did you realize that you wanted to integrate your love for music and visual arts? I’ve always had a passion for both visual art and music. I mostly painted horses as a young girl. And now when I’m at a company where I have all of my interests in one place, I just feel so relieved. I have my dream job! What words of wisdom would you offer up to anyone searching to do the same with their craft? If it is something you’re willing to stay up all night for - then that may be a receipt that it is the right path for you. Strong will is essential; no one will do the job for you. But foremost. Do it because it is fun and because it makes you feel happy. Setbacks are natural, we all have them. But with a strong will, you can find a way!

What can we expect to see next from you? My next single "Now I Know” is out on February 26th! The song is also featured in the Mistfall soundtrack so I hope the fans will recognize it and like it as much as I do.



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