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Nondoh and Heather Nation Cultivate a Hit Record

American producer, musician, drummer and composer, Nondoh grew up in San Diego, California. At the young age of 9, he began to learn to play the drums, and by the time he was 15, he was performing with several different artists and bands ranging from jazz and salsa groups to rock and cover bands.

Joining forces with vocal and guitar powerhouse Heather Nation for a mind-blowing collaboration, the sonic painter takes her knack for inspiring people within the music she creates and incorporates that into the duo's single, "Flower."

A dream-like ambiance is the first thing you walk into as soon as you press play on "Flower." The almost ethereal soundscape elevates your being to a mind-altering concept that floats upon another dimension of sounds.

Opulent guitar riffs are smothered in reverb to bolster them into the structural integrity of this record amongst the airy synths and 80s themed percussion patterns courtesy of Nondoh. Playing into the ebb and flow of the artistic grooves carved out within this masterpiece, your mind is encouraged to give in to the liberating quintessence of "Flower." Heather Nation's empowering vocal techniques scoop us up into a textured universe that leaves us smitten with a euphoric rush.

Lyrical motifs such as, 'you're a flower in the way that you never cease to amaze me,' propel a commanding authority over our emotions. Angelically layering timbres sweeter than the former, "Flower" quite literally blossoms in your mind as you wrap yourself in its charmingly blissful flow. Being a match made in heaven, Nondoh and Heather Nation illuminate a remarkable dynamism that lives throughout this masterpiece.

Making it hard to shy away from this record, "Flower" will continue to burgeon in our minds for quite some time to come.


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