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Noontides Embrace Change and Growth

Currently based in Nashville, Tennessee with their two children, Rachel and Jason Fort are a husband-and-wife duo that is making a name for themselves in the world of indie pop/rock. Music had always been an intrinsic passion for Rachel and Jason and is what brought them together as a couple.

When it comes to their songwriting, fans can count on Noontides to have a deeper message hidden within their rolling verses. Rachel Fort seamlessly crafts a similar theme within her lyrics that effectively acknowledges the darkness and struggles while simultaneously having faith in the light and a prosperous future.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Noontides relay the messaging within the songwriting of their recent release “Thinking Bout You.” Noontides explained, “we were all experiencing the pandemic collectively at the same time, but we were also apart and had our own individual experiences.

So, there is a lot there. A lot of us have been separated from loved ones for a long time or maybe grieving the life we use to have but don’t anymore. So, we wanted to embrace the tension of all of that. The feeling of being apart and missing what life was but also the hope of knowing we’re not alone.

Discover the rest of Noontides’ interview, here.


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