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“Notice” the Wit and Layers That Embody The Creativity Of I Am Natrell

With stories of hardship on the rise in the past 18 months, what we've collectively faced has been unprecedented. Las Vegas hip-hop, soul, and R&B artist I Am Natrell put himself on display as his latest single, "Notice," is a survivor's tale. Also, being a statement of courage and indomitability, and a refusal to back down from a challenge, no matter how fearsome it might be, I Am Natrell continues to believe in himself as the days carry on.

Revolving these themes, we have the triumphant essence of I Am Natrell's latest single, "Notice." The rhythmic tempo has us immersed in the complete interjection of work ethic, trumping any hardships placed in I Am Natrell's way.

With a bolstered production to accompany the hunger in his vocal performance, the crisp sounding track pairs impeccably with the razor-sharp details emitted in the visual component. Collaborating with Films By Syn to achieve a vision reflecting on determination and hopes for better days ahead, "Notice" leaves us with no choice but to delve into the introspective boost of confidence.

With two women by his side dressed in nurse attire, this is one of the many details that allude to illness and recovery in one. Showing us that we may see the flashy car and fashion at first glance, but as soon as you take a moment to look deeper, you realize how I Am Natrell embodies the ease, speed, and grace that the butterfly doors of this creamy white car exude. Captivated by the energy that is locked into "Notice," we're left with an optimistic feeling that takes over our entire being.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, I Am Natrell! The concept that you've brought to life with the visuals of "Notice" runs rather deep. What inspired the witty metaphors that accompany these eye-catching scenes?

What inspired the witty metaphors and the eye-catching scenes for the song "Notice" is a story of a nonfiction experience of me viewing a bad situation and turning it into good. It's a story of people loving you when you are up and forgetting you when you're down. Nevertheless, it's a celebration of the people who are with you through the tough times

What was it like working with Films By Syn and the crew that accompanied you to bring this vision to life? How long did filming take you?

Working with "Films by Syn" is always a phenomenal experience because Syn is one of my best friends and one of the people who stuck with me through the hard times. It was easy for him to relate to the song "Notice," including everyone involved with the video, who were also people close to me who helped bring this experience to life. The filming of "Notice" took 2 hours to shoot and less than three days to edit.

At what point do you find that you may be a bit too vulnerable throughout the words you rap? Is there ever such a thing?

As I see it, you can never be too vulnerable in your music; it's not what you say. It's how you say it and execute it that matters.

What is the main message that you would like your audience to take away from "Notice"?

The message I would like my audience to take away from "Notice" is to know that everybody loves you when you are up but, hold on to those who love you when you are down. That's how you evaluate those who value you no matter what the circumstance is. That's why I vocalize in my song "I keep a small circle."

Do you have any other releases planned before the end of the year?

I plan to release a Christmas single before the end of the year, so stay tuned for that.


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