Noumenah Highlights His Creative Innovative Side Through His Music

Noumenah's artistry continues to compel us in many fashions. Hailing from Los Angeles, Noumenah uses the cities inspirational content to create and manifest his melodic music. He's the kind of artist that is drawn towards a collective integration of many genre styles, where we see various songs of his explore numerous categories. Noumenah continues to grow his artistry each and every day but also puts his efforts forth toward developing a film composing career, as well as teaching. The man who does it all, and learns from many different perspectives, Noumenah seeks to establish equilibrium within his sound, offering a sense of elation and euphoria for all listeners alike.

One of the most recent singles that the music world has seen from Noumenah was titled "Liquescent", and it offered an expressive array of innovation. That's one aspect of Noumenah that you can expect to stay consistent with. He's full of creative ideologies, always accentuating the bright and more explorative parts of life. The music of Noumenah is a slap of refreshing energy, a type of energy which we require at one time or another in our lifetimes.

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