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Now Playing: “NOSHO” By Static Ryan

Static Ryan is a UK based artist that has a sound of his own. This young artist starred in a 2 man band for 3 years before pursuing a solo career. He has produced and released work under his independence. It has been said that Static Ryan sounds reflect those of Lo-Fi Nirvana, which once you hear his latest track “NOSHO” you will see exactly why. Just when you think there isn’t any other blends, there’s Static Ryan! His sound is a blend of alternative rock, trap, and hip hop.

As I relax to tune into this track, “NOSHO” by Static Ryan, I am immediately struck by the artwork for the cover. It sort of gives you an intro to what you are about to tune into. His branding is very static and trippy. The electric guitar in the background of this production is one you shouldn’t miss! It’s what bridges the all world's he has brought together. “NOSHO” gives you a full on rock show with the trippy trap tones blaring and the hip hop hi hats through and through! This track gives you a little taste of everything wrapped into one; leaving you wanting to hear more from this blended artist. Looking forward to hearing more solo work and even collaborations from Static Ryan.

Listen to “NOSHO” by Static Ryan here.

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