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#NowPlaying: “Hydroplane” By Sharoo

Shardil Ahmad, known by his fans as Sharoo, entered into the world of hip-hop/rap in 2017. Since then Sharoo has done nothing but grow himself as an artist in order to earn his place as an up and coming rapper. Sharoo is of Pakistani heritage but he was born in the U.S. Although American born, Sharoo spent much of his childhood in the streets of Dubai where he first fell in love with Rap music. Sharoo came back to the States in 2016 in hopes of pursuing his dreams of becoming a professional rapper and physician.

For rapper Sharoo it is important that his music is able to consciously and positively impact the lives of his listeners. He is always engaging with his fans and is incredibly excited to be able to do what he loves. The release of his single “Hydroplane” gives me the impression that Sharoo is nothing less than a hitmaker. Here we have almost 3 minutes of rhythmic intensity and catchy lyricism especially in the hook where he says “I’m hydroplaning into the paper” metaphorically, giving raw lyricism while appealing to the audience taste. Sharoo knows exactly what rap fans like to hear.

Witty punchlines, a dope beat, and a flow that can ride the beat of the song without any noticeable moments of effort. After listening to “Hydroplane”, I was completely convinced that this is what Sharoo is meant to do. It seems almost natural to him as an artist to provide content filled music and vibes where we can absorb ourselves with. The beat begins and weaves between the lines of laidback trap and aggressive rap. The perfect combination and fused together elements of a strategic rapper who knows his style and how to project it.

Listen to “Hydroplane” here and get to know Sharoo in our interview below!

Being Pakistani, do you hope to bring a sense of diversity to the rap industry?

Of Course it allows me to bring a new style to my music!

How has some of your influences such as Kanye and Drake shape your music style, and

besides your influences, who are some of your personal favorite rappers you’re listening


Music wise I would say, although it may sound corny/typical, Drake is most likely my biggest

influence. He was the very first rapper I heard, and before I became a rapper myself, he was

LITERALLY the only artist I had ever listened to, as in exclusively Drake. Other than that, I

would say that, non – music wise, my biggest influencers have to be my parents, literally without

them, I do not think I could be where I am today in this world, I would not have food in my

stomach, I would not be furthering my education, and most importantly, I would not have the gift

of life that I honestly sometimes take for granted.

How would you describe your music?

I will be honest, at the moment, I do not have a clear direction, I am experimenting with different

styles to find what is the best fit for me, and what makes me happy. I do not think I can give an

accurate description of the music that “Sharoo” makes, once I make an album, I will have a pin

point direction (with some variability of course) of the music I want to make, and that makes

Sharoo, Sharoo

Have you performed live yet? If so, do you recall how you felt before you walked out on

stage? If not, do you have any anticipations?

Sadly, I have not, this is something I do plan on doing very, very soon, for my first time ever!

Around early March (March 8)

Where do you want to see your career this year?

Simply put, I Just want to keep doing me! Of course I plan on releasing more music as time

comes, inshallah, god willing, one day, I will release an entire album! particularly, as long as I

see growth, I do not have anything in mind, I would like to pass 20K average monthly listeners

on Spotify though!


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