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#NowPlaying: “Neighbourhood Nightclub” - Zkeletonz

The colorful electronic trio Zkeletonz gave us something new, fresh and original with their release of “Neighbourhood Nightclub”. When we first listened to this record, we were captivated by the vocalist unique sound. The high-pitched, scrunchy nose sounding resonance was so funky, groovy, yet intricately beautiful as it’s completely individualistic to the trio, therefore allowing them to stand out more than before. The psychedelic sound fused together by vibrant vocals and extravagant instrumentals.

The record follows Zkeletonz on a nocturnal journey through the city they now call home. This is innovative effervescent songwriting. A love letter to London that celebrates lost ambition and dreaming big. Lush pulsating synth, rich powerful guitar and relentless driving drums combine to evoke razor sharp optimism and high energy joy. If the audio wasn’t enough for you, if you checked out the youtube video, Zkeletonz sticks to their niche and delivers a trippy visual that could complement the aesthetic of the song highly well.

Listen to “Neighbourhood Nightclub” by Zkeletonz here

Hey guys, care you introduce yourselves?

Zkeletonz is a live electronic project which consists of Gav Venture, Ed Trotsky and Will Première. We make music together in east London now but all originally came from the middle of the UK close to Birmingham and Coventry. Both cities are seen by some people as British equivalents to Detroit due to their long associations with the motor industry.

You guys have a bold and unique sound, do you have any musical inspirations that help engineer your artistry?

Our sound is a 21st century take on disco and indie produced independently with the spirits of 1980s postpunk and synthpop in mind. In general we're fascinated by technology, politics and the environment. We like bands and solo artists who challenge audiences to think, learn and escape their daily grind through a combination of fantasy and commercialism, like Devo and David Bowie.

What’s the meaning behind your latest single “Neighbourhood Nightclub”?

"Neighbourhood Nightclub" follows some common lyrical themes for us like recreation and romance but also touches on how those things are affected by people's relationships with the cities and towns they occupy. We find it strange that innately charismatic places don't become characters in songs more often. Filmmakers, photographers and visual artists seem to understand and use the power of setting and scene more than musicians today.

How is this song different than anything you've come out with in the past?

Well it's a love letter to London rather than something more abstract or vague! The song also tries to draw attention to a source of meaning and beauty that's often ignored; the local surroundings and urban contexts that the experiences and dramatic incidents in all of our lives actually take place within. We're conscious of how our own journeys, short and long, have affected our music. So on this track we've tried to contextualise the love and hedonism being communicated and portrayed, not just describe it.

Have you guys performed live yet? If so, what’s the most exciting part about entertaining a crowd!

This a shocking question! Why would any music artist not perform live? We truly shine on live stages and we have always focused mainly on concerts as our main form of expression and connection with fans and friends. We originally formed as a performance piece for a Halloween Party five years ago. Our Halloween party is now annual and we always perform. It's raised thousands of pounds for good causes like free bikes for refugees who can't get work permits and a new rail line park in London similar to the New York High Line. The best parts about Zkeletonz entertaining a crowd are our groove and your inevitable smiles. And hip wiggles. Little ones that start small but then just grow and grow.  We literally just got back from playing in Coventry at an awesome gig celebrating UK Independent Venue Week. It's the city where the Two Tone genre was invented, uniting black and white youth through music at a time of aggressive political tension between the left and far right. After performing we visited The Specials cafe and museum to appreciate the local music heritage. We've also performed at carnivals and community festivals across London, and we regularly headline gigs for Vice in the London venues they run and programme.

What’s next for Zkeletonz?

Singles on Spotify and everywhere else every 6 weeks throughout 2019. Loads more gigs; next up we headline The Victoria in Dalston, east London on Friday 22 February. 

This summer, a five night residency at Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, to debut a brand new live show based on the end of the world. And a live session on BBC Introducing radio Coventry in spring. We keep busy! Haha! Check our website WWW.ZKELETO.NZ for updates.


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