Nu Covenant Releases New Song "The Most Interesting Man"

If you ever need to tap into a self-cleansing song that really replenishes your worries then you should check out this gospel masterful song entitled ‘The Most Interesting Man’ by three talented brothers and a cousin who seeks out the good in the world. Their names? ‘Nu Covenant’ and they’re driven by a greater force than their own to help create a movement that will impact generations by showing people what true love really is! Showing people the love that’s surrounded in the world by traveling and spreading their messages in their music and charitable services. ‘The Most Interesting Man’ is really such a beautiful song that I replayed it more than twice. The vocals are outstanding. The control, the range, the soul, and the passion displayed was remarkable. Gospel is such an underrated genre of music in my opinion because I feel as if the greatest singers come from the church home. The amount of meticulous time they spend in perfecting their voices to touch souls is what makes them unbeatable in my opinion. You really feel the holy spirit while listening to this song and it quickly brings over a sudden feeling of positivity and love. The same feeling that this group aims to achieve and express to their listeners. It has an 90’s R&B flare to it which was really cool. The melodic piano keys and orchestrated drums really puts you in a place of church in your own home!

Sometimes even myself feels like I need to just thank God for all the blessings that has encountered in my life and that song helps enable them emotions. Today, the world is so negative and the fact that these 4 amazingly talented musicians are spreading peace, joy, and love is commendable itself. The song becomes more passionate towards the end, it captures your grace and thankfulness to the fullest extent. A fun fact about this group is that they made top 48 on NBC ‘Americas Got Talent’ which is a variety talent show that broadcast the best talent. I’m thankful for Nu Covenant for bringing us this sacred single. Check it out for yourself!

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