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Nuda Brings A New Light to Industrial Music

Nuda is a solo ambient, gothic, industrial artist based in Seattle, Washington. Previously a guitarist for the electronic band Possessed Tranquility, she brings instrumental soundscapes with a feminine touch to industrial music.

Now venturing on her solo instrumental electronic project, Nuda, she has been gaining traction in the industrial music community with notable features and performances that enlist guest vocalists in order to blend together sound and lighting for an immersive experience.

In a multidimensional universe that brings life to the underground music scene, Nuda’s latest single “The Waking,” takes our mind to extravagant imagery that’s inspired by the weighty synths in the composition.

Through the textured layers of distortion, we hear the percussion patterns illuminate in a delicate manner as the focus prominently remains on the progressions of amplified synths from within the musical arrangements. There’s a complexity that’s laced into the various sounds we hear as Nuda’s evolution conveys various themes of urgency intertwined with “The Waking.”

The resonance carries dark undertones that dip into a foreboding essence of intensity that further transports us to an atmospheric eminence that is up for interpretation. Notes of cyberpunk electronica are sprawled throughout the futuristic sounds as we further enter a metropolis of congealed anticipation.

Gritty with the substance that’s further explored in the musical elements at hand, Nuda modulates sounds in order to explore the full use of MIDI and VST. Locked into the shadowy barrel of industrial sounds, “The Waking” has us eager to hear what Nuda has in store for us next.


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