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Nuwamba Released “Unusual”

After making his grand introduction as a sensitive, soulful singer, songwriter, producer and musician in 2005, Nuwamba has been creating positive waves in the music game ever since. His first album titled “Above The Water” was hailed the Virtuoso as " The Best Hip Hop and R&B Artist " of the year in 2005 by Ft. worth weekly. Almost 15 years later and Nuwamba still has the flare, swagger, and voice to become a hit in today's current market of music! He released his single “Unusual” and I was instantly drawn into how cultured and soulful the record was. “Unusual” was released in 2016, however it showed me classic early 2000 vibes in the song and I loved every bit of it. RnB music back in the early 00’s era were more memorable, timeless, and transcended over the years as a hit you want to keep on replay. Nowadays, many songs don’t have that sticky factor to it, however Nuwamba completely delivered with his single “Unusual” and we heard all the legendary elements in the music that makes a song iconic. From his pitch perfect and smooth-sailing vocal resonance that almost sounds like silk all the way to the atmospheric creating beat, Nuwamba fabricated the perfect new age classic RnB hit that many people will be attracted to and magnified by!

Catch "Unusual" on Spotify and scroll down to get to know Nuwamba better through his exclusive interview!

Hi there, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Peace! My name is Nuwamba, pronounced (New-wam-bay) and I’m a Soul/R&B singer from the Lone Star State of Texas. 

Why is music the perfect love drug?

I think a great song starts with the rhythm and the total sound it can become infectious to the ear causing person to become addicted to the song.

How do you know a song is ready for prime time?

The perfect song is all about the optimum conjunction of brevity and passion. That’s when it’s ready for prime time. 

What is your constant source of inspiration?

My constant source of inspiration when I connected with the source “God”, so the best way to tap into the source starts with honesty. 

How is Texas changing, and how does your music fit into it?

I think Texas music is changing tremendously. There’s many styles of music that exist in Texas from country R&B and southern hip hop or rap and  jazz. I feel my music is more on a global platform so it can’t really be define by a region, I pull from many forms of inspiration. 


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