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NYC Band Times Like These Release New Hit "Take Me Home"

Times Like These is a group from the suburbs of New York City with a fresh take on classic pop punk. This dynamic group consists of vocalist Mike Acampora, bassist Zach Dyer, guitarist Eddie Giuffo and drummer Cody Omage. Times Like These has toured up and down the east coast, wooing fans with their energetic and passionate performances. With their new EP mixed by Rian Dawson of All Time Low, Times Like These continue to make an indelible mark on the music scene and those who have heard them play.

BuzzMusic is proud to present a fresh single, “Take Me Home”. With a drum beat that sounds like an unmistakable call to action, this song starts with a build up into a bombastic and catchy chorus. Times Like These presents such a polished sound it seems like these four musicians have been playing together for many years. The lyrics are thoughtfully presented and the band all support the vocalist phenomenally. The middle of the song provides an ever-shifting arrangement which builds up to the final gratifying chorus. “Take Me Home” is a great performance that nails the nostalgic pop punk atmosphere perfectly.

Listen to "Take Me Home" here!

Hi guys! Great to chat with you! Can you tell us how you all met and formed Times Like These?

Thanks for having us! Zach, Eddie and I (Mike) all met early in school, but it wasn’t until awhile after we graduated that we decided to peruse a band together. 

Which suburbs are you all from in New York City? How would you generally describe the music scene there today?

We’re all from Long Island, and to to be honest, the music scene here is killing it!! There are shows all the time and everyone is super supportive of each other. It’s really wonderful.

Can you describe a little bit what your writing process is like?

It really depends honestly. We usually start with a rhythm and from there I build lyrics and melodies, which makes it easier to write leads and drums, so it all kinda gets put together piece by piece. 

Do you have a particular message behind your single “Take Me Home”?

I wouldn’t say there’s a particular message behind Take Me Home. It’s more of a story about love at first sight and the early stages of love and lust. I guess if there is any message though it would be that things seem to find you when you’re not looking for them!

Looking beyond your new EP, what’s in the future for Times Like These?

We’re always writing new music so obviously more music will be coming out but right now touring is our main priority!


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