NYC's PETRA Drops New Track 'Luckboy'

Based in New York City, PETRA is an up and coming alternative pop artist. Her infectious singles are described as a personal diary of her experiences. Her versatility and diverse influences are evident through her eclectic pop tunes. PETRA is also a classically trained musician that has won notoriety for her work as a composer, pianist and violinist as well as being an incredible songwriter! “Luckboy” is an incredible empowering new single from PETRA. The brand new music video focuses on the struggles we all deal with when experiencing the dating world. In a hilarious and cinematic fashion, the music sees a 70’s inspired dating show set including the worst kinds of male stereotypes like The Gym Rat, The Hipster Musician, The Frat Boy and of course, The F*ckboy. Each scene sees PETRA rejecting these men in the most unapologetic way. She moves through the music while remaining charismatic and whimsical.

PETRA’s attitude towards her music and her free-spirited nature really set her apart in the music industry today. “Luckboy” is completely relatable for women and men alike who have been through the routine of a terrible date from beginning to end. The danceable and optimistic ringing of the hook is guaranteed to stick in your head, while PETRA’s impressive vocals take you on a musical journey. A track that absolutely worth a few listens and a completely entertaining video to match, “Luckboy” is a captivating new release from PETRA. We’re looking forward to hearing more! 

Check out “Luckboy” here and read more with PETRA below!