NYC's PETRA Drops New Track 'Luckboy'

Based in New York City, PETRA is an up and coming alternative pop artist. Her infectious singles are described as a personal diary of her experiences. Her versatility and diverse influences are evident through her eclectic pop tunes. PETRA is also a classically trained musician that has won notoriety for her work as a composer, pianist and violinist as well as being an incredible songwriter! “Luckboy” is an incredible empowering new single from PETRA. The brand new music video focuses on the struggles we all deal with when experiencing the dating world. In a hilarious and cinematic fashion, the music sees a 70’s inspired dating show set including the worst kinds of male stereotypes like The Gym Rat, The Hipster Musician, The Frat Boy and of course, The F*ckboy. Each scene sees PETRA rejecting these men in the most unapologetic way. She moves through the music while remaining charismatic and whimsical.

PETRA’s attitude towards her music and her free-spirited nature really set her apart in the music industry today. “Luckboy” is completely relatable for women and men alike who have been through the routine of a terrible date from beginning to end. The danceable and optimistic ringing of the hook is guaranteed to stick in your head, while PETRA’s impressive vocals take you on a musical journey. A track that absolutely worth a few listens and a completely entertaining video to match, “Luckboy” is a captivating new release from PETRA. We’re looking forward to hearing more! 

Check out “Luckboy” here and read more with PETRA below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic PETRA! We love hearing about how artists originally got started! What inspired you to first begin recording and releasing your music?

Hi BuzzMusic! So happy to be chatting with you. I got started in music before I could even walk; my brother, who is two years older than me, taught me how to play the piano by pressing my keys on the fingers. After years of classical training, I told my mom at the prime age of 6 that I wanted to be different than my brother. So, she bought my first guitar, a black and white Fender strat. I also loved writing poetry and entered numerous school contests. However. it wasn't till I was 12 when I wrote my first song. I became OBSESSED with writing music and eventually learned how to use Garageband (then gradually Logic and Protools) to self produce my tunes. I taught myself everything because I wanted to be an artist that understood both the creative and technical aspects of what makes a song. After attending college at the New School, it wasn't until I formed my first band and started touring the local New York scene that I felt compelled to release my first song. It was such an exciting and liberating experience! However, after the release of that song, my father was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer and passed away shortly after. I took a hiatus from recording and focused mostly on live shows because it was hard to come up with songs after he died, nothing truly felt write and I didn't always have the words I wanted to say. However, a year ago, I reconnected with my former producer, Richie Beretta, and we collaborated together on recording a bunch of songs. And now, we're back to releasing music! I couldn't be more excited. 

Your song “Luckboy” is so catchy! Tell us about the sentiments behind the lyrics. What the significance of the title with the main theme of the song?

Thank you! Well, "Luckboy" is a song where I wanted to rewrite the narrative on dating. Women are often seen as "the problem" and the reason relationships don't work out. There was on specific experience that I had which inspired me, and it was one where a guy who I was going out with ended things by giving me a high-five and asked, "we're still gonna be friends, right?" I was in SHOCK because there are many ways to kindly end a relationship but that was not one of them. I began writing up this really angry lyrics about the incident and few others I previously had, and sorta realized that instead of writing another angry breakup song, to take on the nonchalant attitude of a "Luckboy" (to know what that means, switch the L to an F) and say my piece on how awful dating can be sometimes. 

The new music video had us captivated start to finish! It’s so fun yet holds a heavier meaning behind it. What was the overall concept and vision you had for this video? 

To be honest, there’s nothing heavy about it but the 5lb weights I used in the gym scene! It's meant to be a whimsical, weird and silly music video, playing on the idea of the games most guys play while dating. I came up with the concept with my director, Carlos Vasquez. We thought it'd be kind of funny to do a video where I go on a series of dates in an almost dating-show style set up and explore four main dating stereotypes: The Gym Rat, The Hipster Musician, The Frat Boy, and The Luckboy. I go on each of these dates to only find myself so much better of without them in the end. Miguel Vasquez played all four roles and did a stellar job at really showing off the true colors of each guy. Personally, I wanted one actor to play all four roles because I wanted to dig into the idea that "all guys are the same, just disguised in sheep's clothing." 

Do you feel that your music is an accurate depiction of who you are as an artist? Do you feel ultimately connected to your listeners through your music?

Absolutely. I've always had an idea of what I wanted my music to sound like; my music is inspired by 60s rock and 70s disco-like Fleetwood Mac, Abba, Cher, The Beatles, just to name a few. I also love old school pop artists like Britney (how could you not love her), Madonna, P!nk, among others. I wanted to find a way to blend the things I love into a unified sound and pull influences from my musical inspirations. I try to pique my follower's interest and make sure my songs after different musically but always have that "Petra" inspired sound, or lyricism they can identify me with 

It was such a pleasure to have you and we can’t wait to hear more! Do you have plans to release a longer project? What are you working on going forward?

I have my full-length debut album, "Dancing Without You" coming out on November 12th! I can't wait for everyone to hear what I have been up to.