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Obtain a Sense of "Closure" With Hasitha Guhan

18-year-old Hasitha Guhan is emerging on the scene as an up-and-coming Pop artist. With her main passions locked in the realm of singing and songwriting, she takes her virtuoso direction towards her artistry.

As a South Asian artist, she wants to share her culture with the world by breaking into the mainstream industry of music. Growing up and to this day, she doesn't see many people who she can relate to culturally in mainstream media, let alone music. Hasitha Guhan aims to be that image in the media for South Asians across the world.

Commencing her latest release, “Closure” with an emotive over pour of prevailing timbres, Hasitha Guhan grasps our full attention in mere moments. There’s entrancing power that sweeps our minds as the relatability that trickles from Hasitha Guhan’s lyrical motifs paint imagery rich in a genuine narrative experience.

“Closure” blends the subtlety of delicate instrumentation, and the dazzling conveyance of atmospheric harmonies in order to form a grand spectrum of artistic malleability. With the nature of Hasitha Guhan’s inimitable croons being a statement that we admire the most about this record, she holds an empowering embrace with the way she performs words such as, ‘Damn all I need is a bit of closure, closure. You know what, I don’t need you.’ Depicting a storyline that touches on the closure she has achieved as she comes to her wit's end in a particular relationship, we learn about the resilience it takes for Hasitha Guhan to make the choice of walking away with her head held high.

Taking in the brilliance of something that we can all relate to, it takes a unique type of talent to pull your audience in and make them know where you stand at this moment of your journey.

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Closure,” and welcome to BuzzMusic, Hasitha. Was there a particular moment or story that inspired you to take this concept and bring it to life musically?

“Closure” was actually written about a crush ghosting me on text. I was hurt at the moment and felt like I needed closure. So, I did what I do to cope, and wrote a song! This song was also developed between months of writing and tweaking. I had no idea what direction I wanted to take for a while until it just felt right. I learned that simple is better. Just like life, sometimes.

With you dabbling into an expression of vulnerability in the lyrics performed, did you find that the subject matter being written about was fairly easy to get out, or perhaps a bit more difficult?

At the moment, it was quite easy to write down. It was my feelings flowing down onto my pink songbook. I just had all these emotions inside of me, and it felt great to write them down. But, the thought of actually releasing it, and having people I know listening to it, made my stomach turn for a while. This was mainly because the situation I wrote about was so fresh, and I myself needed more time to heal and to give myself some needed closure. But, now, I feel more than ready to share this song.

You keep such a composed perspective although you allow us to relate to signs of hurt and loss in “Closure.” Comparing your headspace from the moment you wrote this song to this present moment, how would you say that you’ve grown mentally?

This song does show signs of hurt when I wrote it because I was most definitely hurt. But, at the same time, it was written for me to get over the situation as well. I think the audience can definitely relate to the crossover of those two topics in this song. I wrote “Closure” when I was 15 years old, and now I’m 18. So, I have definitely come a long way since then. I’ve honestly just had so much time to reflect on what happened between now and then, and I can say that I’m over it. Before this event, I searched for love on the outside, which is probably why I was so hurt in the first place. After this happened I said to myself, “You’re not letting anyone treat you like that and have that take a toll on you.” I went on a journey of self-love. It wasn’t easy to find (actually painful in the process), but I definitely feel more secure in myself now.

What is your mission statement as an artist? What are you hoping that your audience can take away from “Closure?"

When I wrote “Closure,” I was lost. It took a while to let go of my doubts and hesitations surrounding my music. This song is actually not just about a crush not giving me closure, it is about my life not going the way I expected. I kept wanting other things, not realizing that my experiences were enough. I want to give the listeners a pat on the back to say, "It will all get better, even though it feels like you need closure at the moment. You are still better off without them! (Whether it be a person, place, situation, etc.) You’re doing amazing, keep going.”

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

I am working on my second single right now, and it is much more upbeat and dancy compared to “Closure.” I have moved on to a different stage of my life right now, and hopefully, the new music will reflect that. I’m thankful for music. It makes you embrace the not-so-good and the good in your life. You can expect a Funk Dance Pop vibe from my next single. It is also more experimental than “Closure.” I’m very excited.

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