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Odum Abekah Pushes Pure Passion With, "Tell Me Something"

From Fredericton, NB, the multi-instrumentalist and dynamic singer-songwriter Odum Abekah release his passionate and modern banger with "Tell Me Something."

Fostering his love for music at an early age, Odum Abekah later graduated from Humber College and Mount Allison University, putting his career on the front burner. From playing in ensembles to opening for KD Lang, Odum Abekah has become a highly sought-after artist through his supportive and knowledgeable nature.

Speaking on his latest release, "Tell Me Something," Odum Abekah basks in the glory of dance-pop for this single glimmering while touching on a highly inspirational message. Keeping us locked into his dynamic and gripping sonic arrangements, Odum Abekah keeps the song's passion alive through his playful and endearing lyricism.

"Tell Me Something" opens with a powerful piano melody alongside Odum Abekah's soulful vocal stylings. While the production and sonics deliver an incredibly passionate and soothing soundscape, Odum Abekah offers equally endearing elements through his savory lyricism, singing an ode to someone who lights up the room. While the beat drops with heightened modernity and life, we move into the second verse.

A gleaming female vocal makes her appearance to support Odum Abekah's powerful vocal stylings, as they offer energetic harmonies to keep us engaged in the song's passionate lyrical concepts. Coming to the song's end, it concludes on an incredibly exhilarating note through the upbeat sonics and Odum Abekah's intoxicating vocal stylings.

Delve into Odum Abekah's latest single, "Tell Me Something," and experience the song's upbeat flairs and limitless passion for yourself.

We're more than eager to chat with you about your latest single, "Tell Me Something." When did you begin forming ideas for this piece?

Thank you for the opportunity! I started writing this song in October - I had been co-producing with my friend Nick Katz and some of the pop influences/sensibilities we were working on started to shape the music I ended up writing for myself. I love and appreciate all genres of music and it was such a great experience to write something I don't usually do normally. It'd be great to do more!

Did you create the thorough and energetic production yourself for "Tell Me Something?" Or did you bounce your sonic ideas off any other creatives?

Yes, I composed/programmed the bulk of Tell Me Something, but I really have to credit my friend Nick too for helping me gel all the parts together well in the mixing and adding thickening layers, as well as giving things a depth that I'm working on incorporating in more of my songs. I think the most fun part about pop production is that some people think it's simple - it's actually deceptively complex! You have to make something sound familiar and interesting simultaneously, and keep it up for 3-4 minutes. That's a craft.

What inspired the passionate lyrical message behind "Tell Me Something?"

I think the inspiration came from trying to express that universal feeling, of having feelings for someone else, and the process that a lot of us go through trying to find out if they feel the same way. It makes you go out of your way, do things that you might not usually do all for the sake of someone else. I thought it would be great to try and write about it!

Who was the added female vocal within "Tell Me Something?" Why did you feel the song needed a bright female vocal addition?

The female vocal is actually my mentor's daughter, Kara Joy - she's 17 (!), has started releasing her own music as an artist, and is an amazing inspiration to bounce ideas off of. I felt that the story the lyrics told could benefit from having two "perspectives" or narrators tell it, and in my mind, Kara has an undeniable pop voice, whereas I can sometimes do the genre justice, sometimes not!

What's next?

I'm working on being more intentional and consistent with releasing some more music over the next 6 months or so. I'm really lucky to be at a place in my life where I can work, experiment, and release music and I hope to do so well and continue getting better hopefully!

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