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“Oh, My Beautiful Boy” Is A Refreshing, Classic Pop Song By Jenny J Nam featuring Darwin Avalon

Jenny J Nam was born and raised in South Korea and has found a new home living in Los Angeles as an award winning composer, songwriter and pianist for a variety genres and music producers. Working for over a decade composing and arranging several pieces of music for Samsung, LG, Coway, The Ministry of Health and Welfare of South Korean Government commercials along with arranging songs for K-pop artists like Jung-hoon Kim and Crazy Milk. Jenny has performed at the Valley Performing Art Center, the UCLA Fowler Museum and was semi-finalist at the Songstar song-writing competition Nashville in 2017 as well as receiving second place at the US Song-writing awards in 2019.

“Oh, My Beautiful Boy” is a song that we cannot get enough of--from the smooth, alluring vocals to the rhythmic blend of guitar and drums, this track is full of elemental surprises. I am completely in awe of how stunning Jenny’s vocals are, and how she is able to slide gracefully over each note with such an innocent tone of voice that reminds me of Avril Lavigne. Just when you think you’ve heard all the sounds and styles, Jenny throws in what sounds like a mandolin – with a second listen it seems like it is very subtly heard throughout the initial chords in “Oh, My Beautiful Boy” – and a rap section that showcases Jenny’s ability to mix different genres into one masterpiece. The beautiful harmonies that are found scattered throughout “Oh, My Beautiful Boy” add flare to an already captivating track that is going to be a hit! Listening to the lyrics, Jenny is able to write meaningful words that flow wonderfully together and grab the listener right from “Hey boy, I really been thinking about you, the way you smile at me and the way that I start to feel deep inside” – she is really able to connect with the listener and has created an extremely catchy song.

Give a listen to Jenny's "Oh, My Beautiful Boy" here, and continue reading for the artists interview!

Hey Jenny! Fantastic to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit more about how you first came to love music? 

I started playing piano at the age of 4. I literally wanted to play piano without any force. no one pushed me but myself. my mom didn't want to hear my "bugging" like "mom, I wanna learn piano, I wanna learn piano!" so she decided to take me to a small local piano studio in my hometown. That was how I met music magnetically. 

You have a beautiful voice, How long have you been singing for?

Oh, I wanted to tell you that the voice featured by "Darwin Avalon" my beautiful talented co-writer of "Oh My Beautiful Boy" Darwin has been singing many other projects of mine. At the same time, we've been writing songs together including this lovely song! Her IG is @darwinavalon. I do sing, however, Darwin's voice was so perfect for "Oh My Beautiful Boy" :) I know that she started singing in her very early age. and she has been trained professionally in many years. She majored in commercial music - voice major at California State University, Los Angeles. That's where I met her and my other superb musician, genuine human being, and co-writer for this song, Carly Lyman as well (her IG is @Kim_se_eun)  

What gives you inspiration to continue creating new music? 

Hearing all kinds of life stories from the people around me and my life journey give me always great inspiration. Oh, Listening to great music from great composers (no matter classical or Jazz or Pop or Modern!) inspire me all the time. I want to tell the stories into my music. That's how I keep on writing music.  

Tell us about the meaning behind “Oh, My Beautiful Boy”.

I got inspired by my friend's story. Around 3~4 years ago, while one of my friends went to her school (fyi, she's majoring in music) she had a crash on a cute classmate. And the funny thing is that guy (according to my friend, his major was trumpet... ) seemed to like my friend so much too! so everytime they bumped into each other like in front of the elevator or the school cafeteria, or somewhere else, they got shy so much to talk to each other and one day she saw his face was totally "tomato color" How cute was that? so, after hearing this cute love story, I was writing & singing the main melody when I was taking a shower at that night! 

Have you found any difference in musical style living in South Korea versus Los Angeles?

Yes. Ballard genre is very different. When you are going to So.Korea, you will not only listen to dance/upbeat style Kpop but also very slow, melancholy ballard with a big orchestral arrangement. Korean people are still into "cinematic music" in a slow tempo. However, Ballard genre in Los Angeles and the U.S general, is more of singer-songwriter style acoustic music such as voice and piano or guitar. 

What can we expect to see from you in 2019?

I'm planning to release my 2 single albums in 3rd quarter and the last quarter of this year. Starting from "Oh My Beautiful Boy", My songs will tell you lots of "Jenny's life stories" - it can be your story, it can be her story, it can be our story. :) 


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