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Olayina Ehi Releases New Single "Thinking"

Olayinka Ehi is a New York based singer songwriter who was born in Nigeria and continues to push the boundaries in the R&B alternative genre. Her sound has a subtle African cultural influence and incorporates some of her life experiences. Ehi says that she has been in love with music ever since she could remember and has her listeners falling in love with her music as well.

Olayinka’s single titled, “Thinking” is a powerful and smooth R&B ballad that incorporates an acoustic sound. Olayinka’s vocals are very well controlled that provides for more of an impact for her listeners. Lyrically, we find the story of Ehi contemplating about her lover and their relationship with the doubts that she has about the person. She describes this person as someone who she feels doesn’t care for her. The runs incorporated are evenly distributed throughout the song letting Olayinka’s vocal talents shine through.The electric guitar riffs and leads really add to the moodiness and contemplative nature of the song as well as the rhythmic beats. From this song, Olayinka’s audience can get a good taste of her as an artist. After hearing this song once, you’ll be thinking about for quite awhile.

Check out Olayinka's "Thinking" now on Spotify, and scroll below for the artist's personalized interview!


When did you first decide to pursue music as a career?

I would say I decided to pursue music officially when I submitted my Music to be published on a more professional scale about 3 years ago. 

How do you feel/think African culture has influenced how you write music?

My African culture has influenced In every way, my drive, my motivation because of where I come from. my songwriting as well as how I sing. My culture has inspired me in music, in fashion and more. My grind comes from growing up in Nigeria and just only seeing hardworkers around me. I’m so blessed to say I’m Nigerian, We’re dope. 

What struggles have you faced in your music career?

A lot! Rejection is the main one. There’s a lot of ups and downs. Putting your all in a project and not getting much feedback. It hurts your motivation a bit but it can also motivate you to be better and keep pushing.  It’s done both for me because each time I feel like I get better. 

What is the story behind “Thinking”?

Thinking was a song I wrote mainly off of how I was feeling. I actually cried while I recorded  the first part of the song. It’s about loving someone and taking a step back to realize times up and it’s time to move on so you don’t break yourself. 

What is your ultimate dream with your music career ?

I pray that one day I can turn my passion into my life long career. I want to reach people  globally and hopefully touch them in any positive way with my music . I want to use my platform to create a space for artists like me who lack support because of cultural ideals. I want to build music schools, art centres back home in Nigeria and many other places to support artists who lack proper resources. 


Connect with Olayinka on her Instagram and Twitter!


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