Olivr Releases Debut Hip-Hop Single 'What I've Become'

Olivr is an up-and-coming hip hop artist from Long Island, New York. He grew up moving from town to town, leading him to find solace in music at an early age. In his high school years he moved to Wantagh, NY, where he met long time collaborator and producer, Dan Wolf. Olivr found a voice for himself in music, and has been developing his writing and lyricism ever since.

Olivr's debut single 'What I've Become' and official music video have just released. 'What I've Become' is a song full of good vibes with its upbeat hip-hop beat. Olivr has us reminiscing about life, with his catchy vocal hooks and brilliantly written lyrics. His official music video for 'What I've Become' is bound to catch major attention around the world. His music video features cool neon hues and creative edits - to riding around in a Tesla with handfuls of money. We believe this song and music video is just what Olivr has been needing to breakthrough into the hip-hop and mainstream music charts. His debut single, 'What I've Become' and official music video are out now on all major platforms.

Connect with Olivr on social media:

Website - olivrofficial.com

Instagram - Instagram.com/therealolivr

Twitter - Twitter.com/therealolivr

Facebook - Facebook.com/OfficialOlivr

iTunes - https://apple.co/2vbqZhF