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Olympia Papageorgiou Empowers The Listener In, "No Titles"

From Cyprus to Atlanta, Georgia, the singer-songwriter and versatile recording artist Olympia Papageorgiou releases her sweet and spicy single, "No Titles."

While growing up in Cyprus and later moving to Atlanta, Georgia, Olympia Papageorgiou fell in love with music as she learned her way around the piano and began honing her vocal skills. Olympia Papageorgiou holds her Greek-Cypriot heritage close to her heart and makes many efforts to incorporate her roots with her current tunes for an authentic Papageorgiou experience.

Basking in the radiance and energy of her latest single, "No Titles," we were taken aback by the amount of passion, charisma, and authenticity that this single has to offer. While effectively paying homage to her Greek-Cypriot roots, Olympia Papageorgiou sings an empowering and sultry message to get our speakers bumping.

Listening to the new single, "No Titles," the song opens with the flamenco guitar that later transitions into a plucky and heated hip-hop/r&b beat. As Olympia Papageorgiou makes her breathy and angelic vocal appearance, she melts through our speakers with the utmost passion, confidence, and soul. As she begins singing about not needing a man to make her happy, she reminds us of the importance of living independently.

There's something about Olympia Papageorgiou's vocal tones that are almost like a lovechild between Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, especially as she continues to take her time to deliver her words of wisdom calmly. As the fiery and stimulating r&b/hip-hop beat grooves towards the outro, Olympia Papageorgiou closes the song and leaves us wanting more where this came from.

Don't miss out on Olympia Papageorgiou's exciting and empowering performance in her latest single, "No Titles," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Olympia Papageorgiou. We can't get enough of the rhythm and vibe of your latest single, "No Titles." What inspired you to create such an independent and empowering single like this?

Thank you very much! Honestly… it just came to me. I fell in love with the beat when I first heard it and for some reason, this empowering feeling came up. It felt like.. I got this, nothing can stop me from what I am going to do with my life, essentially. It was such a cool feeling! I think when writing the song, it wasn’t supposed to be directed towards a person necessarily, I think the song, in general, empowers ridding toxic and unhealthy things, people, thoughts or behaviors. It can be interpreted in different ways!

Did you work with any producers to help navigate the sound and feel of the sonics within "No Titles"? What sort of atmosphere did you want this song to give off?

Once I heard the Mediterranean and Latin elements, I then developed an original melody to go with it and the lyrics came really naturally to me. My producer and my manager assisted me through the recording process specifically. My producer, manager, engineer and my good friend Broderick, all helped me put the song together at the studio to finalize it. It was a collaborative effort! The song gives off a fun, summer dance atmosphere!

How did you want to make the listener feel after experiencing your gripping single, "No Titles"? How did you want your audience to react?

I want my audience to feel confident when listening to the song! I want them to feel good about themselves, empowered and ready to take on the world and say “no” to things that bring them down or harm them.

How would you describe your music to a new listener in terms of style and genre? Where would you say "No Titles" lands on that spectrum?

I always find this question a little hard to answer. I don’t necessarily have one genre that I stick to. I would say I am an international recording artist but I sing whatever moves me. If I hear a track that I love, I am going to work with it! I love to work with different kinds of music such as Latin-influenced, to Greek-influenced all the way to old school R&B. If I love the beat, I’ll sing on it! “No Titles” definitely lands on the spectrum of my interests when it comes to international sounds and wanting to dance!

What's next for you?

I am working on putting together a music video for “No Titles” and I pray that I will be able to execute it well! It takes a lot of energy and time to put together music videos but I think this one will be so exciting and fun because of the energy in the song! Other than that, I will continue to release music as we go and I hope you join me on my journey!


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