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Omar Perkins Debuts New Single “Hearts On Fire”

Omar Perkins released his single titled “Hearts On Fire”, a warm and gentle tune with subdued emotional conviction. The 23 year old singer and songwriter from England impressed us thoroughly with his first release. It could be highly difficult at times for an artist to find their niche with the first song they put out, yet Omar unique artistry stood out like a sore thumb! His vocal warmth and tonal quality helped him carry this tune. What stood out to me was his riveting guitar chords, the acoustics serenaded me and soothed the setting alongside his eerie and intricate singing.

I believe “Hearts On Fire” has an underlying message behind it, giving room for his listeners to decode! He opens up the pathway for you to connect with the single and intellectually try to decipher the overpowering subtle emotion, which makes this record highly detailed and nothing less than an extraordinary piece of poetic writing and sentimental delivery. I interpreted that Omar has a way of showcasing his songwriting skills through metaphorical lines. He’s highly talented as a songwriter and a vocalist and I’m excited to see what his future releases bring him!

Listen to “Hearts On Fire” here.

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