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Omido and Silent Child Come Together To Inspire Good and Bad Habits In “Me & My Demons”

Evolving Austrian artist Omido joins the unique unconventional lyricism of talented artist Silent Child in their new single “Me & My Demons'."

As listeners are inspired to keep moving forward and continue their habits within a catchy beat and moving sound will drag them away. Omido explains that “Me & My Demons” embodies the demons you walk each path of life with, he goes on to acknowledge that the good and bad are a part of life, however continuing to live life to the fullest is extremely important.

By pairing his signature sound with Silent Child’s lyricism, an electronic, catchy, alternative-rock track is born.

Listening to this track and its melodies and the intense base is able to captivate individuals to move forward and continue on no matter what. Silent Child also touched on this track’s personal significance to himself and the intense connection he feels with his demons in order to cope with pain.

The intense nature of this song conclusively helps to captivate while remaining inspiring in its vigorous musical form. This motivating, alternative-rock track is one you will have on repeat so we can not wait to see how Omido continues to grow in his musical artistic journey.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, we loved your new single “Me & My Demons”, what would you say went into the creative process when writing this song? Definitely bad habits and mental health issues. Most if not all of us got a lot of shit to face, which becomes clearer and clearer during the days of the pandemic which pushed a lot of people out of their daily routines. Expressing these feelings and channeling them into art is what makes a musician an artist.

Becoming an individual artist may have been a change to get used to, how have you enjoyed being able to create and write your own unique sound and how did the process differ when creating this intense alternative-rock track with Silent Child?

It didn't. This one really went off really easy in the beginning. The idea for the beat popped off immediately. I had the right riffs recorded pretty fast. The melodies just came so easily, which is amazing because that’s not often the case. The sound was kind of heavy for this one though. I needed a lot of time and tries to find the right tone for the guitars playing. The snare has been a challenge as well.

Normally, I have to write the lyrics and vocal melodies myself. I tried to do it this time as well. So I recorded some inspiration for Rodney, Silent Child, and sent it to him. I told him, I could rob a bank when listening to this tune. Fortunately, he threw away my first idea and rewrote the verse and the pre-chorus. It came out much better this way and the idea of Me & My Demons was born.

When writing pieces have you found that your songs seem to fit together quite similarly or are each very distinct?

The songs show similarity but every song is a new challenge to figure out. I do believe that they're all quite different from each other but there's a signature sound throughout all the songs. It’s hard to judge objectively, but I think you can hear that this is OMIDO.

Due to the difficulty faced by the music industry in 2020, how did the pandemic affect your ability to release music and what are your plans moving forward in 2021? 2020 was awesome. It was an amazing year for us and we definitely made a name as well as a lot of good connections in the industry. I’m proud. However, we had a lot of private problems and mental health issues. It has affected us so much, that OMIDO which originally was a duo split up. It's hard, it's harsh, but it was the best thing to do. Everybody is happy now.

What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create? I’m giving my best to express those feelings that you all can relate to. Thanks for all the love and support.

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