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ON HIGH Is Feeling “Alive”

Pop punk trio ON HIGH is ready to take the world by storm with its authentic and uninhibited sound. Comprised of Sam Boxold on vocals and guitar, Alex Lofton on bass, and Andy Ackroyd on drums, these seasoned musicians have joined forces after working with industry heavyweights like John Feldmann, Zakk Cervini, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and Travis Barker. With a shared vision of creating music free from external pressures, ON HIGH is a testament to the band's commitment to their unapologetically flawed selves.

As of April 12th, ON HIGH is set to release its latest single, "Alive," accompanied by a music video that'll have you reminiscing about the golden days of pop punk. "Alive" delves into the complexities of lost love and the internal turmoil that comes with cognitive dissonance. Frontman Sam Boxold explains that the song is about taking responsibility for one's happiness, a concept his darker side initially resisted.

"Alive" starts with the striking lyrics "I'm so powerless in the great abyss,” setting the stage for a raw and emotional exploration of heartbreak, further showcasing the band's undeniable pop-punk sensibilities and knack for crafting earworms that you'll be humming all day.

The energy in "Alive" is contagious, making it impossible not to tap your feet or even jump around to the beat. Sam Boxold's vocal performance on "Alive" is impressive, effectively conveying the raw emotion of the lyrics. His voice is powerful and emotive, perfectly encapsulating the push and pull of cognitive dissonance experienced during heartbreak.

ON HIGH's bassist, Alex Lofton, and drummer, Andy Ackroyd, play pivotal roles in shaping the song's infectious sound. Their undeniable chemistry and exceptional musicianship breathe life into "Alive," providing a firm backbone for the rest of the vibes to build upon.

With their high energy and no-holds-barred humour, ON HIGH is ready to make you feel "Alive" and remind you of the best night of your life. So put your cape on and get ready for the edge because these guys are bringing it.

Make your senses come "Alive," and listen to this one today, available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic ON HIGH! Cheers to letting it all out on “Alive,” which carries a strong message about taking control of one's happiness. Can you share a specific moment or experience that inspired you to write about this theme and incorporate it into the song?

I was going through a tough breakup after about a 3-year relationship. I stripped myself down entirely and begged this person to take me back. I got rejected so hard and fell into denial, which crushed me for months. I was already not doing well before that. After a bit, I started scrambling to put myself back together, reaching into really old places in my mind. Alive popped out of that mess.

The lyrics in "Alive" capture the raw emotions of love pains and bad memories. How did you balance expressing these vulnerable feelings and maintaining the upbeat energy characteristic of the pop-punk genre?

That’s kind of just the way the music expresses itself for me. Often times when I’m writing, it’s acoustic first, and when I translate things into electric, I like to give the tempo a significant bump. Combining moodiness with high energy makes the song feel much less difficult to get through and helps reframe the meaning for me internally.

In "Alive," the basslines and drum beats play a crucial role in shaping the song's overall sound. How did you approach the collaboration between Alex and Andy during the writing and recording process to ensure their performances complemented each other and the rest of the band?

For a lot of our songs, I write all the parts myself, and the other dudes put their spin on it later on. I can be a control freak, though, regarding the material. I’m not afraid to say that when it’s right, it’s right.

The catchy and memorable chorus in "Alive" showcases your knack for writing hooks that resonate with listeners. Can you walk us through your creative process for crafting this particular chorus and how you knew it was the perfect fit for the song?

I always thought questions like this were particularly hard to answer. I know they don’t “just happen,” but most of the process is just jamming my voice into random syllables until stuff clicks. Sometimes, we’re talking hours of rambling nonsense melodies, and eventually, those turn into words that seemingly fit the context.

With "Alive" sure to capture the hearts and ears of pop-punk fans everywhere, what can we expect from ON HIGH in the future? Are any specific themes, sounds, or collaborations you're excited to explore in your upcoming projects?

We’re loving the high-energy thing we have going on, but we’re all getting to a point of being veterans in music. We aren’t afraid to try things out of our element, and I’d like to say the things to come might surprise you.


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