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On Our Mind Through Business Hours, Junovxrse's Latest Single "9-5" Sticks

Junovxrse is an independent soul-indie artist born in Los Angeles, California but raised in Phoenix, Arizona.

Her musical journey began at the age of three, where she would sing at Debbie Day Care Center in Inglewood, California. It wasn’t until 2019 that Junovxrse would undergo that moniker and record her first single. With most of her singles being pre-recorded in her bedroom using GarageBand, the innovative talents of the emerging artist were propelled when she wrote her hit single “9-5.”

Immersing us in the vibrant guitar riffs that act as a warm invitation into her soul, the passion-infused vocals from the emerging indie artist have us swaying to the motions of “9-5.” Dazzling her audience in a sonic experience that overflows with tenacity, Junovxrse delivers striking vocal runs as her sultry tones fill the speakers with charisma.

Layered in the instrumentation, we bounce to the effervescent percussion driving this beat to its destination of sheer allure. Serenading us in luscious lyrical motifs that radiate a narrative of someone being on your mind all day, the infectious grooves that come into play melodically sway in the direction of adoration, love, and lust. “9-5,” indulges listeners in the dexterity Junovxrse carries through her artistic talents as both a singer and songwriter. Unraveling the vulnerable spectrum of where her emotions lie, it’s hard not to get swept off your feet as you simmer in this buoyant hit.

Junovxrse has an amiability in her delivery that allows you to want to know her more as an artist and individual. Depicting intense visualizations as she brings life to her heartfelt projections, the intimate scope into Junovxrse’s heart and mind is one that has us ready for whatever she throws our way.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Junovxrse! We have had your latest single “9-5,” on repeat! What moment or story inspired the creation of this song?

Thank you for having me, and that means so much to me! I'm truly humbled. This song is actually based on a true event that actually happened to me. I fell for a vibe that couldn't be maintained with someone who was living in my head rent-free. I would be thinking about this person so much and I knew that the feelings weren't being reciprocated but I just kept going back hoping that maybe the cycle and this game we would play would end and just finally be together. I definitely think everyone can relate to going back to someone who wasn't good for them at one point or another. You mentioned that this song was a breakthrough for you. What happened differently in either the creative process or the release process that allowed for this song to be getting the traction that it is?

This song was definitely a breakthrough for me! I haven't released a song in two years! At the time during my first song releases, I didn't know myself as an artist. I didn't have any direction at all. I think the turning point for me in my process was personal growth and taking off the leash. I would hold myself back from writing and making the music I wanted to please everyone, and realistically that's just not possible. When I wrote 9-5 for the first time in a long time I didn't feel like I was writing someone else's story. I was finally writing better music. I started creating with no expectations and coming into my authentic artistry. Along with finding my inner peace and sound, I was gaining knowledge in vocal production which helped me with this process. I worked on 9-5 for a whole year before releasing it. In the middle of the 2020 Pandemic, I also moved back to LA from Phoenix where I found a wonderful team of people to work with. I'm humbled and grateful for my producer Steven we work so well together and the creative direction that he gives me in the studio is absolutely phenomenal and one of the biggest things we wanted to highlight in 9-5 was the authenticity and the rawness of my voice and he definitely delivered! 9-5 is definitely the blueprint for my sound and I think it is just a stepping stone that shows the versatility I have as an artist. I can't wait for you guys to hear more of the real me when I drop the EP.

You also work as an interviewer on Sense podcast. How has that experience been for you? Have you made connections you otherwise wouldn’t have made?

Yes. I do work as an interviewer on Sense podcast. That experience has been amazing. I love my Matte Black Art House family. We've had two seasons interviewing some pretty amazing Phoenix artists like Res Lauren, EJ the Star Seed, Kiddo Wreckz, Samara Cyn, Chelle Nae, and Ambition The Goddess. We are currently still working on new content, but I've gained so much knowledge about the music industry. I love getting to know other artists. Sense definitely helped me a lot with my career as well because it opened a lot of doors for me as an independent artist because when I'm interviewing an artist I'm also learning from them. It's interesting to hear about the similarities and differences I have with each person I interview whether it be the writing process, vocal process, marketing and so much more. New Instagram and youtube content on the way so just watch for that! I think you guys are gonna love this next set of artists!

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the messaging in “9-5”?

I think the message I want my audience to take away from 9-5 is that there's going to be a lot of heartbreak and bad vibes before you find the person that brings out the best in you. Sometimes the ones we love the most aren't always good for us and they feel safe to run back to but always know your worth in the end :)

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