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“On The Way” By KCD Releases Raw Energy

Up and coming singer/songwriter KCD resides in Winnipeg, Canada. Originally from Jamaica, he uses his home roots and modern influences to create a genre bending and groundbreaking sound. KCD connects with his fans through lyricism and raw energy in his powerful music.

“On The Way” is an explosive new track from KCD. As the intro to the album “Summer Time, Fall” it holds the important responsibility of hooking the listener and it does it effortlessly. Hip-hop beats layered with subtle dancehall vibes are fresh and addicting. KCD’s vocals are intoxicating and easy to vibe to. “On The Way” is a song about desire. It describes the urgency of being “On The Way” over to this girls house to give her what she wants. “You hit my line, I’m on the way” proves this theme perfectly. Cohesive to his seductive sound, KCD’s single “On The Way” is a primal and spectacular edition to the hip-hop industry. With so much success already, KCD is releasing hit after hit and rising to the top. We can’t wait to see what he delivers next!

Check out “On The Way” here and keep scrolling to read out exclusive interview with KCD below.

Hi KCD! Can you tell us more about your upbringing into music?

I was introduced to music at a very young age. At about age 2. My uncle would always sing songs to me. My dad had a stereo with a bunch of Cd's. I would always listen to them every day when I was young. 

What age did you start writing music?

I  started writing music when I was around 14. I had a book filled with music. I got inspired writing R&B music. Took a break and then started writing again at 21

What’s the meaning behind “On The Way”?

The meaning behind "On The Way" is me telling my significant other that whatever the situation is, if she needs me all she needs to do is call me and I'll be on my way to help in what ever way I can.

What’s your favorite part in the track “On The Way”? Why?

My favorite part of the track I would have to say would be the chorus. It's super catchy and my melody at that part is really good. 

Who would you say are your top three musical inspirations that has helped guide you within your own creation process?

My top three would be XXXTENTACION, Tory Lanez, Kanye West. I found X's music to be extremely catchy which is something that inspired me to write catchy lyrics, Tory Lanez voice and how he flows on his songs are very melodic which is something I wanted to incorporate in my music. Finally, Kanye West production is always top notch so I wanted to create a song that sonically sounds amazing. 


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