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Onatrio’s Freddie Freeloader Has Anticipation on Deck As He Gears Up to Release His Third Single

The greater Toronto area is home to the mysterious anonymity of Freddie Freeloader. Pulling inspiration from his life experiences, the multifaceted talents of this artist have him performing, writing, and recording songs that let him reminisce on memories and lived moments.

Getting us prepared for his forthcoming release, "Almond Blossom," anticipation runs through us at an all-time high. On November 19th, 2021, listeners are in for a detailed sonic masterpiece that has Freddie Freeloader telling the nostalgic tale of wanting to live in the past with a past version of himself and an ex-girlfriend. Wishing to return to life's simplistic joys, where everything seemed to mesh together just right, this third single release foreshadows what's to come to his audience on his debut EP "CRIMSON I."

As we patiently wait for this next installment to unveil itself, Freddie Freeloader has us oozing with expectancy. Be sure to check out the exclusive BuzzMusic interview coming to you later this month.

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Leonardo Montero
Leonardo Montero
Nov 17, 2021

This song is fire 🔥🔥

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