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One Thing’s For Sure: The MAKO Girls “AIN’T THINKIN BOUT YOU”

Exceptional dancing, female empowerment, and top-notch bars that replay in your mind for hours on end. That's precisely what to expect from the MAKO Girls' powerful single and music video, "AIN'T THINKIN BOUT YOU."

Hailing from Atlanta, the three women behind the MAKO Girls aren't only real-life sisters. They're a tight-knit force to be reckoned with. Everything from their talented dance skills, pristine fashion sense, and impactful tunes propels them forward as the next TLC in their own style.

And style they have. In their sizzling single, "AIN'T THINKIN BOUT YOU," the girls teamed up with Kiki Ely to create a fire music video shot at their old high school, which they've transformed into 'MAKO UNIVERSITY.' Lesson number one: These girls are too busy to worry about what you think of them. They're steady on the grind, and it's paying off.

Landing over 44k YouTube views for the music video, "AIN'T THINKIN BOUT YOU" sees the three sisters pumping out impressive choreography alongside their harmonious vocals. While the song starts with a sweet R&B/hip-hop intro, MAKO Girls quickly make their motives known: Work hard, quit wasting time, stay on the grind, and move past the naysayers. So don't be flattered because they "AIN'T THINKIN BOUT YOU."

Each verse from the MAKO Girls showcases their individual talent, vocal flairs, and unique approach to their craft. It's an exceptional, high-energy listening experience that draws comparisons to the iconic TLC. If one thing's for sure, the MAKO Girls are taking the world by storm, and they're not wasting a moment worrying about what others are thinking of them - something we should all consider practicing.

Overall, the good vibes, stunning vocals, and timeless message make "AIN'T THINKIN BOUT YOU" one of the most impactful songs we've heard this year. Hear it yourself and find the MAKO Girls' single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BUZZ, MAKO Girls! You've provided an exceptional listening experience with your sweet single, "AIN'T THINKIN BOUT YOU." What inspired your group to create this empowering song?

Our single "AINT THINKIN BOUT YOU" is a sassy yet fun song chanting about how we overcome challenges, Aint thinkin about people or things that are trying to stop us from succeeding. The song was super catchy with a chorus you have to sing along to, and it is filled with so much energy as soon as the song starts.

Did you all write lyrics for "AIN'T THINKIN BOUT YOU?" What was your group's songwriting process like when writing such an impactful song like this?

We pitched the idea for the song to a writing team to write a song, which they came up with. It was our style to the T, so we started recording immediately.

What was it like working with Kiki Ely when creating the "AIN'T THINKIN BOUT YOU" music video? What was that collaboration like?

This collaboration was amazing; it was the best one by far! It was a 2-week rehearsal for this video where we learned the different dance styles. Kiki Ely also helped get dancers for the video and had us working with one of the best stylists otheezystyledit. We could come on the set and just be the artist, which was the best feeling ever! Thank you, Kiki Ely and her whole team behind her, and there are definitely more videos like this coming soon.

On a deeper note, what was it like traveling back to your old high school for the "AIN'T THINKIN BOUT YOU" music video? How did it feel to be more successful than ever on your old stomping grounds?

This was a very special location to shoot at school because this was the high school we all graduated from. It wasn't only a walk down memory lane for us, but it was also a full-circle moment. We got to represent our school and allow some students to participate in an amazing production. And the principal was super excited and kind for letting us use our high school for the music video and being a part of it.

What do you hope listeners take away from "AIN'T THINKIN BOUT YOU"? What was your goal in terms of the listener's experience?

We wanted to leave our listeners feeling motivated and confident, knowing that there’s a light no one can dim in you. And that we are not thinking about the negativity because it doesn't benefit us on the way to the top! 


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