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"Open Up" to Love With Alex Woodard's Latest Release

The impassioned singer-songwriter and pop/rock recording artist Alex Woodard release a poignant and touching music video for his beloved single, "Open Up."

Fans of Alex Woodard are very familiar with his animated music video collaborations with San Diego songwriter and animator Savannah Philyaw, whose gorgeous watercolor-like illustrations pair with Woodard's melodies ever so perfectly. Alex Woodard also performed "Open Up" with singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, an artist who shares a similar optimism and outlook as him.

In the new music video for "Open Up," Philyaw and Woodard have truly outdone themselves. It would be a shame to miss out on such a remarkable and meaningful music video, which takes the viewer through the trials and tribulations of watching a parent grow old and lose their memory while attempting to share the importance of familial love.

The music video for "Open Up" begins with an animated Alex Woodard driving through a forest with a copy of 'Loving Through Memory Loss: A Guide For Sons' on his passenger seat. As he arrives at his mother's door, Woodard fades into introspection while struggling with his mother's state of mind. As he continues to open his heart and let his emotions known, a key floats its way to his heart and opens it up.

Later, he finally opens his mother's door, where he begins to feel the music and paint a smile on his face. While his mother appears in the distance, we see a refreshing and sentimental mother-son dance, where both parties are filled with joy, spinning around, only for the mother to softly fade to white.

Experience the heartfelt emotion within Alex Woodard's latest endearing music video for "Open Up," now available on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Alex Woodard. We're genuinely touched by the relatable theme within your music video for "Open Up." Was the video's concept inspired by real events? Thank you, I'm stoked that you connected with the video... it's based on a book (also called 'Open Up'), which is a true life-in-a-day memoir. So yes, the video connect was inspired by real events. What was it like working with Savannah Philyaw again for the "Open Up" music video? How did you two meet and begin collaborating in the first place? There were a few six degrees of separation things going on, but I initially heard about Savannah through my friend and sometimes co-writer Jack Tempchin (he wrote 'Peaceful Easy Feeling' and some other massive hits). Turns out, she already had one of my older books, and we had another random friend in common. Anyway, I loved what she did with one of his songs, one thing lead to another, and we did 'Halfway' together. It was great working with her on 'Open Up,' because she knew so much of my story already, and had read the new book, so I pretty much just turned her loose and said 'do what you do.' What thoughts or realizations did you want to evoke in your audience with the music video for "Open Up?" Really, just one: open your heart and let the light out (and in), because we only have so much time here. Would you say that "Open Up" solidly represents your music and the sound you usually create? Do you normally create such meaningful stories in your pieces? Yeah, my songs and stories usually revolve around heart-driven themes. I don't have a problem being vulnerable... there's really nothing to lose in opening up like that. Of course, small people will sometimes attack those spots they see as 'weak,' but folks who hide behind a keyboard and never get in the arena don't hold much sway with me. What's next for you? I'm working on a one-man storytelling event where I integrate the accompanying songs into the stories from the last two books, much as I did with my For The Sender books and albums. The ten-year anniversary of that project is coming up, so I'm developing an anthology to commemorate the last decade. And I'm already pretty deep on two more books. Just staying creative, I guess, and riding whatever waves come.

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