Open Your Mind with Human Tribes Collective's Enriching New Album

Human Tribes Collective has come out with an expressive and compelling series of songs meant to speak to all with an open mind. Breaking boundaries in music, this culturally rich album sparks deep thought and reflection, drawing parallels between spiritual and social issues.

Light Warriors bring you "Desert Tribes," a song part of Human Tribes Collective and the album' Codes of Creation.' "Desert Tribes" combines tribal drums sounds along with airy flute and other instruments. The song contains little melody, allowing focus on the lyrics embodying harmony and peace. The song feels like a spoken word poem, with clever metaphors that drive home their message. They speak of unity, and how the blood we bleed is all one color.

Using music, Human Tribes Collective aims to bring together the cultures from around the world into something that will spark change and spiritual transformation. The earthy and mysterious sound uses many cultures as an influence, woven intricately through each song. "Desert Tribes" makes a statement using powerful phrases and enunciations, for example shouting certain lines for emphasis. Make sure to check out the rest of the Codes of Creation album for an even more in-depth look into the artistic developments of Human Tribes Collective.

What sparked your interest in doing such a culturally relevant album? 

My experiences from global travel left deep sensory impressions on me over the last decade. Musically, my ears first opened years ago while exploring free jazz, starting with late-period Coltrane, Alice Coltrane, Phaoraoh Sanders, Sun Ra to the 90s downtown NYC Vision Festival scene spearheaded by William Parker. I sought out the albums that were blending instruments from around the world into their experiments. That opened the door to compilations of field recordings like Folk Music of Albania to styles and genres that the music industry labels "World Music", which is essentially colonization of sound with impact on opportunities that come with Western success measures like the Billboard charts and algorithms that lack any sense of human curation. To me, this music is infinitely inspirational because there's a feeling that most of today's industry standards that somehow kills the vibrations and natural energy, regardless of genre. 

How do you take these influences and turn them into something that will resonate with everyone?

Well, I'm glad you feel it will resonate with everyone (laughs)! Because, honestly, I didn't make this music. It came through me. My hand, choice of instruments, lyrics were all guided by the energetic realm. It came in code and vibration and I just channeled the entire album. I didn't question what ultimately wanted to be heard by, hopefully, everyone as you suggest. Those with open hearts and adventurous ears will find it and absorb the universal themes and codes within.

“Desert Tribes” was quite the unique piece, how would you summarize the message of this song? 

It carries many meanings of spirit, unity, and reverence for our planet, all of its inhabitants and ecosystems. It's a plea, a warning, and a practice. It's an energetic flag marking a turning point toward an age of transformation... hopefully. We don't have long before we destroy this planet. In connecting deeply to heal the Earth, we can unify and transform our individual and collective selves. All of the information is there..." She's shouting and screaming/We better listen" is the blunt force of truth... everything we do to neglect the planet is self-neglect. If we don't act, goodbye humanity. 

Can you elaborate on what it means to be born of spirit and ceremony in the Land of Origins?

In 2018, I was part of an international delegation of 75 people from around the world -artists, activists, spiritual leaders, thought leaders- to Ethiopia, where Lucy, the oldest recorded human skeleton resides in Addis Ababa, hence the Land of Origins. It felt like a pilgrimage. We visited Lalibela and conducted an improvised interspiritual ceremony on the night of both a lunar eclipse and a super blue blood moon. The collective energy and vibration were beyond anything any mind-altering substance can only temporarily provide. It was a peak experience that unfolded many more magical moments in our time there and since. It's from this moment that I started hearing Human Tribes Collective music. 

What are your next steps after releasing Codes of Creation? How do you think this piece will spark the minds of today? 

For me, Codes of Creation is a complete spiritual work of life experience, not quite a concept album, not scripture or religious in any way, but certainly guided energetically and altruistically that tells a very current story from the first note of "Chetan" to the last lyric of the album in "Love Ballistics" that says "this life is a gift." Again, I was just the instrument played by the army of angels that guided its creation. How it gets heard by whom and how it impacts listeners, will be its own story. I can only hope it triggers something transformational for listeners as it has for me. I'm going to allow the universal flow to dictate what happens next. I feel more material percolating, absorbing the current global energy, the madness of it all, and the beautiful moments too. I imagine when it's time to create, it'll come fast and furious as long as I keep my ego out of the way. The intention is to collaborate with musicians from around the world. I believe they will present themselves when time is right. 

What can we expect to hear next?

I have some video concepts for a few songs on the album. I'm also working on the next Light Warriors album. This will be our third. I have a bunch of other recordings in the works as well. And my label, Highest Frequency Records, is hitting the five-year mark in January, so I'm working on a compilation from all of the projects.