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Opening his Heart, Romel Pours Inner Sentiments in "Choose to Love"

Romel grew up with a burning desire for music. Inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Musiq Soulchild, and Chris Brown, he began creating his own music in high school.

With a developed sound, this New York-based vocalist’s goal is to touch people’s hearts and souls with his music. His intimate soul-baring songs are certain to have him touching hearts in no time.

In a luxurious blend of warm sentiments, Romel asserts his reflective juxtaposition in the vocalization he delivers on his most recent single, “Choose to Love.” The desire exuded in the vocal performance has you swaying to each perfectly time snap that sets the rhythmic slow-tempo of this ballad. You’re swept up in the way that the instrumentation progresses in intensity as you’re taken through the sweet soundscape of, “Choose to Love.”

Delving into the striking lyrical bout that hones in on the radiating topic of, “what if we chose to love?,” we’re offered a lens into the heartfelt timbres that Romel bellows from his spirited persona. Allowing this track to act as an open letter to the one he wants to spend his days with, Romel serenades listeners far and wide, as this relatable topic hits home for many tuning in.

The elements of the composition complement one another in a seamless expression of opulent resonance to pull you in. Taking you into your own personal headspace, Romel paints elusive imagery that pushes you deeper into your inner self. Always staying true to his beaming charisma, Romel takes, “Choose to Love,” to another dimension of compassionate offerings from his emotion-driven soul.

Congratulations on your most recent single, “Choose to Love.” What moment or story inspired the concept of this single?

Thank you so much! And I wrote this song about my 3-year relationship with my girlfriend. It’s inspired by our high & low moments and everything in-between. What message are you hoping that your audience takes away from this song?

I hope they take that being an old fashioned lover or a hopeless romantic is still ok nowadays. It may not be popular with our app using hook up culture. But it definitely still exists. So definitely don’t give up or settle for a love you don’t really want because that specific kind of love you want and deserve is out there and when you find it it’s one of the best feelings in the world! We can definitely hear your musical influences speak into the music that you create. Has this always been the sound that you have had?

I think so, I’ve always had a love for R&B/soul music. I feel my sound will always stem from R&B but I love to create and experiment with other Genres. A lot of my new projects will have a mix of R&B, Pop, Hip-hop & Alternative. When creating heartfelt ballads such as, “Choose to Love,” does your creative process differ from other songs that you may have released?

Yes! I knew this song would be different after writing the first 2 lines. It’s personal but truly special to me because I definitely took a more direct approach in writing and when I played it for my girlfriend she cried and told me “this is now my new favorite song of yours” What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I want them to know that the music I make is meant for them to feel something! That’s my main goal for every song I make. To find the soul in it and relatability so it can touch others!

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