Operation Underground Spins Fresh New Track "Rise Up (Radio Edit)"

Formed in 2018, Operation Underground is comprised of members Alexander Gonzales aka "The Freek" and Tristian Gonzales, aka "Magnificent T." This formidable duo from Upstate New York has been drawn to music from an early age with musical influences such as Eminem, Nas, Tupac, Linkin Park, Nirvana, and Blink 182. Their latest release, "Rise Up (Radio Edit)" is a true testament to the duo's style of creating multi-dimensional soundscapes that mix multiple genres into one cohesive and unique listening experience.

"Rise Up" starts with a catchy guitar riff that leads us into the track. As the track skips, a pulsating beat joins the soundscape as inspirational rhymes invade our speakers. The raps are a call to action, a mobilizing movement speaking directly to the listener through comforting and supportive lyrics. Lyrics like" "Rough times come and go so fast," "Free yourself from the pain and struggle, "No matter what you go through, just promise me you'll make it through, I believe in you" are just a few excerpts from this refreshing and empowering song- it is not often an artist focusses so intently on their listeners. The amount of love this duo is emitting is blowing us away. Each rapper has a unique style they bring to their lyrical delivery, together the duo are able to bring a hazy mystique while remaining strong and steadfast in their rhyme delivery. The chorus features a harmonic melody that softly envelopes the listener encouraging them to "Rise Up." "Rise Up (radio edit)" is a song you didn't know was missing from your life. Don't delay and listen today.

Discover "Rise Up (Radio Edit) here.

Hello, OperationUndergroundand welcome back to BuzzMusic. Your latest release "Rise Up" is truly touching. We love how much love and support you are emitting from this track. Can you start by telling us a bit more about the song and how it came about?

Tha Freek: It's great to be back! For me, it was more about creating a song that was positive and different then what we have done before.     

Magnificent T: I agree with what Tha Freek said. And for me, I also wanted to make something positive to help others out there in the world who might be going through something tough. Also Especially with everything going on in the world right now, it's good to have something positive for people to hear and listen to.

What's the backstory on how Operation Underground formed?

Tha Freek: We are both brothers. I'm older than he is by about a year and a half and we both have had a love for music since we were kids.      Magnificent T: We've both been making music for years before the Duo. And after we both developed our styles more and knew where we both wanted to go in our lives we decided to form Operation Underground in late 2018 with our first EP "Mad World" And after early successes, we have stuck together and continued to make music and push further and further.        

Your musical influences come from a variety of genres, specifically rap and alternative rock. We loved how you blended the two on "Rise Up." Can you tell us a bit more about how you're able to create tracks that incorporate multi genres?

Tha Freek: Definitely rap music is my number one favorite kind of music and I love different kinds of rock as well. We just take our different influences and mix them together but it starts from hip hop.       

Magnificent T: My main influence when it comes to genres is Rap but I do like a lot of other kinds of music as well. We just are ourselves and when it comes to our sound, lyrics, and styles we're ourselves too. So that's why we have a lot of different genres mixed together in our music. 

You clearly have a great love and respect for your fans. When you create a song, what is the general listening experience you want to create for the listener?  Tha Freek: For me, it's about giving them inspiration and making them feel like they're not alone with whatever they might be going through in life and giving them something fresh to listen to.   

Magnificent T: Our fans literally mean everything to us and are family to us. Without them we couldn't do what we do so we are extremely thankful to anyone who supports us. 

What's next for you? 

Tha Freek: Just keep on releasing new music and experimenting with our sound.    

Magnificent T: Exactly what Tha Freek said! And just to keep making moves and grow Operation Underground more and more with every new release.