Optimistic Gangsta Portrays a Dark Lens Into the World as We Know It

Orend Johnson Jr, better known as Optimistic Gangsta, is an emerging artist and record label founder. Known for his poetic songwriting approach and biblical-like nuance in his music, the energy he pulls in very much plays off of the name he lives up to.

Focusing on his recent 20 track project, 'The Interrogation (Deluxe),' Optimistic Gangsta has listeners viewing the world from his creative lens as he sheds a meaningful proposition throughout the tortuously crafted body of work. The introductory single on the album, titled “My Spirit,” immediately hints at what listeners have in store as they prepare to indulge in the sonic feast that Optimistic Gangsta has carefully formulated. Playing into the title of the album, the elaborated tale of interrogation in the court of law has us anticipating the structure about to be divulged.

Instantly standing out to us the final two tracks “World Change,” and “Calling Out to Yeshua,” that are offered up on this album leave us in the deepest thoughts of a cognizant outlook. As the narrative unfolds throughout each song, we’re fully absorbed in the conscious thoughts of Optimistic Gangsta being reiterated over melodic instrumentations that dramatize in complexity as we have seen the album progress.

“The Analogy of Temptation,” and “Contradicting Yaweh,” are prime examples of the degree that Optimistic Gangsta hones in on these techniques. There are various tones that are taken into account as the spellbinding vocalization conveys contradicting thoughts in the world’s prophecy that each action of every human lives out, and the inner thoughts that we encounter through the blurred lines of confusion and temptation.

Enlisting collaborations throughout specific soundscapes, we hear the talents of Eukoh, Aaliyah Edwards, RQuees, and Kool-Aid High help to enhance the lyrical intricacy that lies in tracks such as “Interrogating Your Hatred,” “New Retaliation,” and “Dance Like Yah.” Delving into the depth Optimistic Gangsta embodies through his portrayal of lyrical dexterity, we’re witness to the various theological personas that he takes on as he reflects on biblical passages that he transitions into the essence of his own. A frenzy of depth lies in the context of the lyricism executed on 'The Interrogation (Deluxe).' Swaying from subjects such as hate and love being the same and aren't meant to be justified by courtrooms of law but only by God, to the only way the oppressed can take back what is taken, is for them to come together in unison as they go to war with the oppressors, leaves us floored at the vulnerability radiated by Optimistic Gangsta’s perspective that he authentically shares with his audience.