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Opto And His Team Of “TopNotch Idiots,” Make A Name For Themselves In Record-Breaking Prank Show

Aris Sureni, otherwise known as Opto by his fans, has made a huge name for himself in the online prank community. You may recognize Opto’s name from his YouTube Channel, “TopNotch Idiots,” which has grossed over 2 million subscribers and totaled over 300 million views to date.

Moving from Armenia to California back in 2006, Opto only just started up this channel back in 2017, making these stats even more impressive with the short amount of time that he has been creating content.

Opto, along with the help of his teammates Aj Wolfy and Aldo, became known for their outrageous pranks and challenges on their “TopNotch Idiots” channel. They are unapologetic about their actions, and constantly put their own lives on the line in order to put smiles on their fan’s faces. Currently, they are ranked as the #2 best pranksters in the world. Their fanbase consists of loyal supporters who call themselves TNG, aka TopNotch Gang.

If you’re looking for some lighthearted fun and want to be amazed by some world-renowned pranksters, check out Opto and his team of “TopNotch Idiots” today.

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