Oriel and the Sun Debuts New Song "I'll Wait"

OATS is an acronym for ‘Oriel and the Sun’ and their genre is in the chill and ambient

category. OATS has an interesting way of recording the music in which they write and produce

their songs “off the grid” using a self sufficient sun-powered studio, which is affectionately

called, “Hippo”. The band’s unique approach to recording their music highlights their artistic

abilities.Their project release “I’ll wait” was released in March 2018 and reached millions of

listeners in only a few months.The band received enthusiastic responses due to the quality of

the production and the band itself.

“I’ll Wait” is an interesting project in which they have one song but in two versions, the

first is chill and the second is ambient. The chill version is very much that, it is soothing in a way

you can listen to it and it will help you focus and help you unwind. It’s a beautiful production that takes a calming effect over the listener. The EP is called “I’ll Wait - The Mixes”, and we see some subtle but notable differences of the tracks. The ambient version is really pretty as well with its leading piano melody. OATS is a great band to add to your Spotify playlist especially if you need some relaxing music or want to expand your musical horizons. Listen to "I'll Wait" on Spotify.