Our Exclusive Interview With Fancy J London!

Tell us, how did you discover your specific style of music? did you have any influences or inspirations?

I am not one to compare myself to other artists or follow rules when it comes to recording vocals. I love the freedom of just doing what I feel good doing music is very much an art form for me and I'd like to think that my canvas is full of intricate swirls of color, too many artist's today have the same feel and lack their own luster. My influence as of late is Oliver Heimach who inspired me greatly with his song "Golden Hour" he is an incredible artist and helped make the feel of this album possible.  

You've been in the industry for a few years now! How has your artistry developed over time?

Well if I want to be perfectly honest I put out less shit now that I did when I started about 5 years ago, Lol! I personally feel that with anything you create you start from a place of simplicity working your way up gradually improving along the way. When I first started I recorded in a black Chevrolet Cheyenne truck with my iPad and earbuds and believe me, you can tell. It was nice and quiet I was able to focus but the microphone was awful. I have since then created music in studios and finally built my own studio at home. I'm am super old school so I hate having to upgrade when I like something it's hard for me to give it up. I like what I create even with my imperfections, I feel it shows more of my personality and I don't think I'll ever stop doing what I love the way I love to do it.

Let's talk about your album! What made you want to title this project "Light"?

I named my album LiGHT to express my growth and development as well as my maturity through different obstacles I have faced along the way with my personal life as well as my music career. I felt lit up, enlightened, and at peace with who I am. 

Which songs off "Light" do you think best represents you as an artist? 

Definitely "High" my favorite genre is R&B Pop and I feel my strongest vocally when singing with this style. 

Was there a specific theme you were aiming for with this album? If so, which songs do you believe best reflects this? 

Yes, actually I really like that 80's Disco Pop, Retro feel it automatically makes me want to throw on rollerskates and dance around without a care in the world. I have quite a few songs with that feel to them such as the main song "Light", "High", "Young & Free", "Talk To Me", "Where Do We Go From Here", "Can't Fight The Chemistry", and a few others. 

What could we expect next from Fancy J London?

I plan taking a little break since I have put out 5 albums back to back for the last 5 years not to mention the many singles I have dropped in between. I just want to take a moment to catch my breath and focus on my personal well being and my health which I have been struggling with for about 10 years now. I am definitely coming back with a bang you'll see! :) 


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