Our Heart Fluttered With Arising Sons' Single, "Adieu Chérie (feat. Eva Szebelledy)"

Hailing from Grand Rapids, the Rock band Arising Sons releases a treat for the ears with their smooth sailing single, "Adieu Chérie (Farewell Darling) (feat. Eva Szebelledy)." Coming fresh off their well-received single "Love is Coming Down," Arising Sons switched up their style and delivery for this light-hearted and sweet-sounding single, "Adieu Chérie (Farewell Darling) (feat. Eva Szebelledy)."

The track surrounds themes of struggling to cope with the emotional turmoil a breakup induces and understanding the complications of what goes on beneath our skin. Eva Szebelledy's mesmerizing vocals are the perfect feature for a ukulele-inspired tune, as she drifts over the track with elegance through heavenly vocals, perfectly supported by Arising Sons' vocals and melodic instrumentation.

"Adieu Chérie (Farewell Darling) (feat. Eva Szebelledy)" opens with Eva Szebelledy's warm soprano vocals serenading us with the utmost beauty and grace. As Arising Sons' tender instrumentation shines through with chiming keys, bright ukulele, warm brass, and mid-tempo drum patterns, the lead vocalist takes a turn into a broad and inviting vocal delivery, adding a rich harmonic back and forth. While Eva Szebelledy continues to sing lyrics of not wanting to let someone go, both her and Arising Sons offer listeners refuge to withstand a breakup's turbulence.

We're deeply swooned by the likes of Arising Sons and Eva Szebelledy with their track "Adieu Chérie (Farewell Darling) (feat. Eva Szebelledy)," primarily through their relatable lyricism and warm-hearted instrumentation.

Listen to "Adieu Chérie (Farewell Darling) (feat. Eva Szebelledy)" here.

We love every beautiful and captivating element within your tender single, "Adieu Chérie (Farewell Darling) (feat. Eva Szebelledy)." Seeing as a breakup's turmoil inspired the song, was this a collective inspiration, or were you working off one particular situation?

I try to find a theme to work from and put the lyrics within that frame.  Sometimes the theme comes from the first line that comes out of my mouth as I am writing. In this case, I clearly remember writing the line "I see you there, you wave goodbye, there's a tear in my eye." From a specific event.  Everything that follows was not tightly associated with that moment; I tried to paint a picture of this idea into a relatable story. The second verse is probably my favorite because of the imagery it brings me as I listen to it. 

Speaking on Eva Szebelledy's mesmerizing feature on "Adieu Chérie (Farewell Darling) (feat. Eva Szebelledy)," what made you specifically reach out to Eva for a feature on a tune like this?

I had recorded this song a couple of years earlier and felt that my voice would not do the song the justice it deserved. I always felt a female vocalist would be a better fit and really make the song shine. While in the process of working in the studio with my producer and friend Joel Ferguson, I told him my feelings on it and asked if he knew anyone he thought would be a good fit for the song. He had met Eva a couple of years earlier at a talent show and approached her about recording because he and his daughter knew she had an amazing voice.  Joel reached out to her and she was happy to sing on it. I am so glad that she did because I feel that the song is much better with her singing the lead.

We truly can't get enough of the warm instrumentals within your single, "Adieu Chérie (Farewell Darling) (feat. Eva Szebelledy)." How did you shape the surrounding instrumentals around the core ukulele focus?

I feel like the song kind-of has a voice that speaks for itself. This was the easiest song to come up with instrumentation for because I felt like it didn't need a lot and wanted to keep it simple. I try not to reinvent the wheel so to say so I also listen to other music for inspiration.  I want to have a unique sound and between Joel and I, were are able to come up with some really great sounds. Joel has a good ear for what a song needs and has added so much creative talent to the tracks. He came up with the horn part. I played ukulele and drums, while my brother Landon played the piano. An intern of Joel's, Ryan Jamgotch played guitar on the bridge.

We've noticed that your group resides under the genre of Rock, yet "Adieu Chérie (Farewell Darling) (feat. Eva Szebelledy)" is quite Alternative/Folk. Was this single different from your usual sound?

My album title is Label-Me-Not because I am aiming to have a diverse sound. I was highly influenced in this way by the Beatles. I have always been very impressed by their diversity.  I don't want to fit in a box or be forced into one. I have even toyed with doing some hip-hop in the future. Don't be surprised if I release a track or two.

What has been keeping you inspired?

Being able to express myself creatively through music has been a driving force of inspiration since I was very little. I always wanted to write songs. I wrote my first song when I was 4 years old.  I have been drawn to create music that moves people and makes them feel something. The music I grew up loving fueled this desire further. "I want to do that!" I would say to myself as I listened to something great. Someone said they were feeling really down and this song picked them up and made them feel happy. I think that is pretty inspiring.