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Our Senses Were Heightened When We Heard Sam Wells, "For The Deflated"

Sam Wells; a name that is sure to ring bells. Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, this sizzling voice will melt your heart as she accompanies her vocal talents with her baritone ukulele.

Igniting the flame of her burning passion to jump start 2021, Sam Wells has released her debut EP, 'For the Deflated.' Showcasing her soft and melancholic reflection suitable for a year like 2020, the collected works themselves evolve into a playfully vibrant ensemble that celebrates and encloses the senses of her audience.

Shining a bright light on the first single and title track of the EP, "For the Deflated," we are offered a showcase of the intricately crafted expressions that Sam Wells has to exude. Delving into some of the world’s biggest challenges as the human race, subtle hints are dropped through this meaningful piece that touches on climate change, world hunger, and social discrepancies. The rhythmic vivacity of the instrumentation has you floating away to blissful utopia as Sam Wells takes you into her grasp as she releases you into cold hard facts that surround us.

The fresh talents of her charismatic swing have produced a silver lining for each dark cloud that she lyrically examines. A mature representation of her thoughts, allow us to interpret her views that drown us in intoxicating harmonies and melodious vocal runs. Placing a piece of herself on a silver platter, Sam Wells captures the imagery she portrays as her audience is submerged in everything she can offer musically. As we seamlessly drift away into the organized chaos that Sam Wells highlights, we must admit that she masks it extremely well as we follow her euphonious train of convictions through raw timbres and utter talent.

Hello, Sam Wells, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your debut EP, 'For the Deflated.' What an accomplishment it is to finally have your first project of collected work out. Could you please take us into the unique title that you decided to give this masterpiece?

Hello, and thank you so much for having me! It has been surreal to process that these songs I wrote, just venting and working through in secret, are now available to be heard by all.

As for the title "For The Deflated", I wanted to tie it to the single that felt most encompassing of the year spent creating the album. It was important to me to honor the idea that while we can be down and in the thick of the struggle, we can still find the things that give us hope and make us feel alive.

Where were you when you wrote the title track, “For the Deflated?"

I wrote "For The Deflated" in Lawrence, Kansas, during the fall of 2018. I had just concluded a podcast titled "How Screwed Are We" by Ask Science Mike and was deep in the pits about all the things falling apart in the world. Flashback to me sitting on my bedroom floor depressed, deflated, and determined to vent through song. It was in that time I was able to both appropriately grieve my personal insignificance and take responsibility for my part in the collapse. Because I had written out my angry failings, I finally had the energy to begin my research on what could actually be done. Resources for that can now be found on my website under the "A Bit of Hope (For The Deflated)" tab.

Could you please tell us how the creative process for this single was brought to life?

For this track, I had the joy of building the musicality alongside my producer and good friend Riley Corbin. Every song on the EP sounds different, and that is because Riley challenged me to express all the facets of myself, without worrying about whether or not the project felt cohesive or conceptual. This gave me the much-needed freedom with "For The Deflated" to really create what I heard in my head while writing: punchy percussion, beachy guitar, and rhythmic strumming that forces you to consider the lyrics as they come. My favorite songs are ones that can deliver hard messages in a way that is inviting and catchy. I think that is exactly what we were able to do with this one.

In terms of themes, messages, and sounds; what do listeners have in store for the full EP?

"For The Deflated" the EP is actually available everywhere music can be streamed now! It was released on 1/1 in hopes of starting the new year off with some sweet melancholic reflection - only to push us into a mindset of taking action, standing up for ourselves, and doing the scary things! In it, listeners can find songs that sound like home and long road trips, as well as jams that will make you want to shake your butt and quit your job. Ideally, a little something for everyone!

What has been keeping you motivated and inspired to keep creating music?

The state of our world, the suffering we are constantly surrounded by, and the hope of the people is an ever-present compelling tale of trial and triumph that I am inspired by every day. It feels as though I can't truly process a situation until I get it written down and represented in a melody - so writing is not only cathartic but a necessity. It is an absolute joy that music has become something I can share with others and create community through. I am so grateful for opportunities like this! Getting to share my work with you and breakdown how and why is just such a cool way to reflect. Thank you so much for offering your time to do that on this virtual journey through the process!



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