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Our Violet Room Gives Us Broken Vows On “Till Death”

"You are gone love”. The opening line on Our Violet Room newest track “Till Death” gives a glimpse of foreshadowing of  he heart ache that encompasses these lyrics. Lyrics like: “ here I go live, to start my life without the one that I though get I’d love until death”, the disappointment I raw, poignant and ghostly. Lead vocals are sung with a soft and meaningful voice that is accompanied by simple yet lovely acoustic guitar chords and an echoey, steadfast drum and that haunts the chorus. 

Our Violet Room is an indie singer/songwriter from LA, now stationed in Denver, Co. He’s stilled at craft omg deep meaningful lyrics that are paired with the innate ability to score catchy melodies. Our VioletRoom has been described by listeners as “painful but necessary songs that will break your heart, make you fell and give you hope again”. And with that, “Till Death” is now streaming for your listening pleasure

Listen to "Till Death" here and get to know more about Our Violet Room below!


Hello! We loved your latest single “Till Death”. Can you tell us the meaning of this heartfelt song?

This song was birthed out of the loss of my marriage. A divorce I didn’t want and the pain that came form that. I’ve never been one for sugarcoating hard truths and this world is not only full of beauty but it’s full of pain and I’m tired of people felling like they have pretend that their lives are better then they are. I want my art to start a conversation. A conversation based in truth, pain, beauty and hope. Once we become more free to be vulnerable and realize we aren’t alone the more we can come along side each other,  help one another and grow.  This song, which I feel is beautiful,  came from something ugly. We can make beauty from darkness in our art and out of our lives. 

What does the creative  process look like for you?

I start with a guitar picking pattern and chord progression. Once that’s down I start singing diffent melodies. Once I have a melody that sticks I start adding lyrics. That entire process maybe takes a week but the actual writing of my lyrics usually, on average, takes about 10 mins. 

Who are you currently listening to your that brings you inspiration? 

I’m always listening to the following musicians constantly for endless inspiration. Lyrically John Moreland, David Ramirez, Dylan and Cash.  Sonically Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, John Williams and Thomas Newton. Melodically, old Coldplay, Sufjan, the National And Bon Iver. 

Any big plans in the works for your this year for your music?

Working on a new ep. I’ll be touring the states and Europe with Sofar Sounds and on my own. And I just signed a licensing contract to score tv shows and movies and to have my own songs synced for tv and movies too.

What are you hoping that your music brings to audiences? 

I want my music to make people feel, think and to be inspired. I want my music to bring truth and beauty into their lives and to inspire them all to create something beautiful. 


Connect with Our Violet Room through the artists Instagram!


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