OUT NOW: JASHAR Drops New Music Video For “Reign” Ft. NOBI

Hailing from Detroit, JASHAR is a premier, unique artist boasting authentic styles in rap and hip-hop. Sometimes blurring the lines between genres, JASHAR has been able to create a familiar but different and original sound from the norm. The talented producer/songwriter has worked with the top talents in Detroit ranging from producers, singers, models and attracting the eyes of sponsors such as RudeBoy magazine, MyHuukah and Ancient World Gemstone jewelry. He’s had radio play on several channels and cities including Windsor, Miami, Chicago, LA, Atlanta and New York racking plays in thousands of views from major videos, and streams through Apple Music & Spotify. Since the top of 2019, he's taken the reigns as a fully independent artist and has been published in blogs across the UK.

JASHAR’s latest release with hot new visuals to match is “Reign” Ft. NOBI. The track was produced by SlayDre and the immersive new music video was shot by GMT Entertainment. Genre-wise there’s an unexpected meeting between of contemporary hip-hop and an old school rap flow. That smoothness and the way the hook emerges help fuse those genres effectively, so JASHAR comes through with a fairly creatively free approach to music, and that gives him an edge as an artist rather than simply one thing or another. The music video for “Reign” FT. NOBI is dripping in swagger and authentic chemistry. It’s simplistic and fun, it shows JASHAR and NOBI vibing and having a good time, doing what they do best. Not being confined to any particular style or industry rules opens the floor to a whole host of possibilities and opportunities. “Reign” offers everything from strong production, memorable melodies, and captivating visuals, and for all of these reasons and more the song is a fitting track for our personal playlists. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come.

Stream “Reign” Ft. NOBI here, check out the new music video below, and read more with JASHAR in our exclusive interview!

Hi JASHAR! Welcome to BuzzMusic. What do you hope your listeners take away from your latest track “Reign” Ft. NOBI?

J: I’m hoping the listeners just have a good time. We kinda just made this banger as some summer music. I also hope the NBA digs it. Ya boi’s tryna get placements out here 

Congratulations on the new video for “Reign” ft NOBI! Where was it filmed?

J: Lowkey it was filmed at my clubhouse. Everything was just renovated and looked like a mansion in there. It was lit bro. It only would’ve been topped if we had some models for the pool cuz there was a pool right outside the door! 

What challenges do you come across when making music videos to match your vibe?

J: Straight the biggest challenges usually come in the form of if everybody is gonna show up at all. Maybe I’m not working with the correct talent quite yet but I will in the near future 

What overall message are you hoping to achieve through both the lyrics and visuals in “Reign”?

J: Well before I put this song out I was kinda in a dark place making some heavy mood music. One of my homies was like you gotta lighten up bruh and have some fun so that was the main goal with this. I’m hoping everybody had fun with it too 

Can we expect any future collaborations with NOBI?

J: Oh most def I plan on working with NOBI again. I did a feature on one of his remixes last year. Dude is my bro bro for real so we def gon make more music and some money in the future. We don’t have something planned as of now but I’m sure it’s coming down the line.


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