OUT NOW: Jay Nomád’s “Forever And Ever” Will Be The Next Summer Vibe

Equipped with a strong multicultural influence and expansive knowledge in a diverse amount of genres, Jay Nomád is a refreshing artist/producer from New York City. Jay has impressively release four singles since November 2018, all of which have seen nothing but success. With a fan base growing all over the world, Jay Nomád has big things ahead. He recently played his debut show in Brooklyn, NY at the Summer Holiday Mini Fest the first week of July. As his fan base continues to grow he’s setting his sights on Los Angeles’ diverse music scene.

Jay Nomád’s newest release Forever And Ever is a catchy electronic summer vibe. The new single expertly blends contemporary pop, urban and electronic to fully showcases Jay’s precise production skills. “Forever And Ever” is a light-hearted and chill love anthem. Jay Nomád is well known for his relatable lyricism and soft vocals. His tone is magnetizing throughout “Forever And Ever” as his words take us on a journey through love. Whether you bump this track and think about the one you love or use it to get over a lost love, “Forever And Ever” will allow you to escape into the music. We love the consistency and musical excellence that Jay Nomád continuously brings to the table! Stay on the lookout for the brand new music video, set to drop August 2019!

Check out “Forever And Ever” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome back Jay Nomád! What have you been up to since the release of “Wanna Be Mine”?

Thank you. It's been a busy couple of months since April. I've been working on new music and my new single is called "Forever and Ever" which I'm premiering with BuzzMusic. I played my debut show as Jay Nomád last July 3rd. It's been 5 years since I played live and I'm happy to do it with my solo project. We also finished recording the music video for "Forever and Ever". It was a fun experience and it should be out by August. 

Your tracks always manage to have a heavy lyrical presence within the music, can you dive into the meaning behind the lyrics in “Forever And Ever”? Is the song based on real life experiences?

My songs are usually a mix of my personal experiences as well as a bit of my own imagination. Sometimes I also add a bit of anecdotes about other people's lives (friends, acquaintances) in an attempt to empathize with everyone who's shared a similar feeling. So my lyrics have a lot to do with me but they don't completely revolve around me, if that makes sense. 

With Forever and Ever I'm writing about that amazing moment when you start a relationship with someone and  hope for it to last. My own life experience comes in the second verse where I say: "Cuz I know another day our luck could change back so now, we're not alone just for a while". It's basically my realistic view of relationships and how you should just enjoy them while they last. Regardless, this song is supposed to be a happy summer song. 

What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

If they feel they can identify with the lyrics I think that's a win for me. I feel as artists we try to reflect our feelings, views, and experiences through our work and it's always gratifying when people understand that. Also, I love when I notice how people enjoy the catchy beats and melodies. I try to match the feeling and concept of the lyrics with the feelings conveyed in the music (the melody). 

How do you feed your passion for making music everyday?

Music is what keeps me going. Those 4 years of my life where I had nothing to do with music were the worst. As soon as I started Jay Nomád I found a purpose again. So I guess making music actually feeds my passion for living haha. 

What can we expect from the music video for “Forever And Ever”?

We recorded the video under my new creative enterprise Nomad Creative Studios (more info about that later this year). I hired Paprstudios for Videography, Phillip Tour for Photography/Lighting and we recorded at SlicStudios in Long Island City. We worked with a Japanese Model called Kaoru Tani who's a very talented dancer, singer, and sword action performer from Japan. Shots were pretty simple and mostly show me doing a photo-shoot of her. There are some parts where she's dancing and I'm signing. For editing I hired my old buddy from Colombia Morcio Martinelli who's a great Film Director and editor. I'm really looking forward to releasing it. '

With four singles out now, do you have plans to release a full album or EP in the near future?

Yes definitely. I'm planning for an EP at the end of 2020. For now I'm releasing singles every two months in order to grow a following until eventually it's worth investing in an EP. I'll definitely keep you posted on my new work. It's a pleasure to feature on BuzzMusic! I really appreciate your support. Thank you!

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