OUT NOW: Mess Of Wires Drops “Hard To Tell”, Hard-Hitting Rock Track

Mess of Wires is a Southern California rock band, founded in 2014 by childhood friends Sam Edelman (16, drums) Niko Nicholas (16, vocals, lead guitar), and Jersey Sullivan (15, bass). Channeling their classic rock, 90’s grunge, and garage influences, these guys have killed it live since they were 10-years-old, playing in some of the most iconic clubs on both coasts, including The Whisky A-Go-Go, The Viper Room, The Troubadour, and The Mint in Los Angeles, as well as The Iridium and The Bitter End in New York City. With their hard-hitting grit and heavy sound, they have opened for such legends as Missing Persons, The Alarm, and Steven Adler from Guns N’ Roses. “No Control” is their first 5-song EP release for CD, download, vinyl and major streaming sites, produced by Brent Woods at Steakhouse Studio in North Hollywood, CA.

“Hard To Tell” boasts retrospective lyricism, pummeling guitars, catchy melodic riffs, and heavy rhythmic drums. Mess Of Wires exudes authentic chemistry that only comes from fine calibration and undeniable talent. “Hard To Tell” weaves through storytelling elements while remaining a contemporary rock track. Using music as an outlet for their emotive lyricism, Mess Of Wires establishes a solid foundation for their fans to relate to their songs. “Hard To Tell” is a welcome and addicting new addition to the music industry and I highly recommend you check it out and stay on the lookout for what Mess Of Wires delivers next!

Check out “Hard To Tell” here and read more with these young up and comers below! 

Hey, Mess of Wires! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did your band come to fruition?

Our band started almost five years ago, when we were 9, 10 and 11 years old.  The three of us were part of School Of Rock in West LA and became close friends, deciding to jam together whenever we could -- so, our band was created right away. Our first show was at Niko’s dad’s 50th birthday party, and after that we just started playing more shows,  and now we are here.

What’s the meaning behind “Hard To Tell”? What was the writing process like? 

The writing process behind “Hard To Tell” was basically our wanting to create a song that wasn’t basic 4/4 -- we wanted something new; something fresh. Our writing process is the three of us creating the music in a jam session and then Niko goes home and writes the lyrics. And we created “Hard To Tell” -- like so many of our songs -- that way. 

Your vocals are so impressive, have you had any training? Or have you just honed your rock ‘n roll grit over time? 

Thank you! I didn’t have any vocal training or coaching up until about a year and a half ago. My vocal coach, Billy Trudell, is amazing. He really taught me how to use my voice.

What’s the concept behind your recent music video for “Hard To Tell”? What was the filming process like?  

We really wanted to make as big of an impact as we possibly could with our first video, and we think the finished product really emphasizes that. We knew we just wanted the band rocking out --  not necessarily having a storyline, but letting the band and the song speak for themselves.  We also knew we wanted it shot in downtown LA.

When we were filming, we tried to get a variety of different angles and locations to go with the dynamics of the song. Sam’s dad, Andy Edelman, directed the video and he and Scott Di Lalla were the DP’s on it. Niko’s dad, Eddie Nicholas,  was the first AD, and it was awesome to have Chris Scheer edit it. We are super stoked about how it came out. 

What can you tell us about your debut EP “No Control”?

“No Control” is the product of two years worth of sculpting these songs and our sound that we’re so proud of. We worked closely with our amazing producer, Brent Woods, who helped us tremendously in developing the arrangements and the tones, while still respecting our thoughts and ideas -- he truly wanted our vision to shine through. We sent it out into the world hoping for others to be affected by our work.


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