OUT NOW: New Music Video For Haløver’s “They Ain’t Got It Right”

Previously featured on BuzzMusic, Haløver is back again with her fun new music video for “They Ain’t Got It Right”! Comparable to modern artists like SZA or Tove Lo, Haløver’s incredible lyricism and range have us bumping “They Ain’t Got It Right” on repeat.

The message of “They Ain’t Got It Right” is a powerful and significant message in today’s society. “We’re all shining stars and we’re all meant to thrive” are inspiring lyrics for a young woman to sing. The music video for “They Ain’t Got It Right” features Haløver’s fun-loving side. She takes us on a journey through her eclectic styles and confident attitude. Hints of female empowerment run deep throughout the music video. It features friends of Haløver’s dancing in the most authentic way.  She’s a role model for the powerhouse attitude that every artist should have, encouraging others to love themselves and believe they can succeed! The main message of building confidence and empowering people through the lyricism of “They Ain’t Got It Right” is so clear through the care-free, high energy music video. I feel like this video captures Haløver’s personality, charisma, and overall appeal. A self-proclaimed weirdo in her track “They Ain’t Got It Right”, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again PLEASE #stayweird Haløver! Keep delivering groundbreaking tracks and music videos!

Check out the video below and stream “They Ain’t Got It Right” here!


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