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Out of Body, Into the Heart: Bri Fletcher’s Ballad of Struggle

Bri Fletcher, the talented Nashville recording artist, is set to captivate her audience again by releasing her poignant and timely original ballad, "Out of Body." Fresh off the success of her compelling single "Damage," Fletcher continues to make waves in the music industry, earning praise for her emotive storytelling and powerful vocals.

"Out of Body" tackles the complex subject of mental health, making it a significant addition to her repertoire, especially as it precedes Mental Health Awareness Month. The song, co-written with Brailey Lenderman and Chris Sligh, promises to provide an authentic and relatable exploration of personal struggles, further cementing Fletcher's reputation as an artist unafraid to delve into the deeper aspects of the human experience.

Bri Fletcher’s new single stands out as a ballad that gracefully navigates the turbulent waters of mental health, inviting listeners to embark on an introspective journey through the often-unspoken challenges associated with inner turmoil. Fletcher's vocal prowess is on full display in this release, showcasing her ability to evoke raw emotion and vulnerability, capturing the essence of the song's message with a delicate yet decisive touch.

One of the defining elements of this ballad is its unflinching honesty, as Fletcher delves into personal experiences and emotions that are all too familiar for those grappling with mental health issues. By shedding light on these struggles, "Out of Body" creates a space for understanding and empathy and empowers listeners to confront their own battles head-on.

As Mental Health Awareness Month approaches, releasing "Out of Body" couldn't be timelier. The song is a much-needed reminder of the importance of acknowledging and addressing mental health. This release is a must-listen for anyone seeking solace, understanding, and connection through the power of music.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bri Fletcher, and congratulations on your latest release, "Out of Body." "Out of Body" delves into the complexities of mental health. Can you share the inspiration behind this powerful ballad and how your personal experiences shaped its creation?

This song was such a cathartic song for me to write. I was a little hesitant at first cause I’ve never really talked about how I was feeling with co-writers before, but it felt like such a safe place, and I brought them the idea, and they were so supportive. I wrote this at a time when I was feeling off. Seasonal depression, being overworked and burnt out, and dealing with some personal things, it felt like everything was becoming too overwhelming. I become detached from things when I get stressed, and this song says it so beautifully. I wanted to almost call myself out in this song of my bad habits to remember to re-center myself when I start feeling that way.

Co-writing the song with Brailey Lenderman and Chris Sligh, what was the collaborative process like, and how did each of your unique perspectives contribute to the song's overall message?

I always leave the room with Brailey & Chris having an amazing song. This was a collaborative process of sharing our stories and experiences.

Your vocals in "Out of Body" are delicate and strong, evoking many emotions. How do you approach conveying such vulnerability and strength in your vocal performance?

Thank you! I would normally with a song go all out with ad-libs, runs, and all the tricks, but I felt like this song just needed to be felt. I wanted to strip it down and only put dynamics where it needed to keep its vulnerability while getting the emotion across.

As an artist, what role does music play in raising awareness and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health, and how do you hope "Out of Body" contributes to this conversation?

I think music is a huge part of raising awareness surrounding mental health! When you think about it, the first thing most people do when feeling down is looking to music. Sometimes you need a good song to cry to, to motivate you, or to allow you to feel whatever it is you are feeling. Many more people are speaking up about it now, and I think the more, the better cause the biggest fear when you are struggling is that something is wrong with you or you are crazy. The affirmation that these feelings are normal and happen to most of us is the strongest thing we can do to help each other!

How do you envision your music continuing to address important social issues and personal experiences, and what can your fans expect from your upcoming projects?

I’ve always wanted to be real with my music and represent the place I’m at or the things I’ve gone through. I hope to continue writing amazing songs that inspire, emote, or resonate with people. I will continue to release music and can’t wait for the fans to hear what I’ve got in store!


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