Outlining the Amiable Presence Sarah Jordan and Matt Von Offer in Their Music

Brother/sister music duo Sarah Jordan and Matt Von are back, and this time we're shining the spotlight on their collective artistry. The two vocalists easily complement one another, and that's a component you'll hear right off the bat with their music. Making sure that their harmonies combine well with one another was such a pivotal aspect of their music, and with their dually charismatic sound, they've captured the attention of many listeners alike. 

The creative music duo recently released their track "Watch Me" in late February, and it featured the natural chemistry that the siblings intrinsically have with one another. During the creative and construction process, Sarah Jordan and Matt Von leave themselves with open minds, never adhering to one specific vision. They create storylines with themes that are consistent in nature. They focus on manifesting a healthy working environment so that their music is able to thrive in the best ways possible. Their sound is addictingly catchy, and it's hard not to fall for the innocence and sweetness this sibling duo brings to their music. We know that the duo was in talks of releasing music in the time to come, so we're patiently waiting for more novel and charming sounds.

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