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OUTTATUNE Walks Us Through The “Highs & Lows,” Of A Breakup In Contemplative New Single

Matthew Harlovic, also known as OUTTATUNE, demonstrates extreme vulnerability in his new single, “Highs & Lows” feat. Amelia Harlovic. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, OUTTATUNE has a passion for creating music that is undeniable.

This producer, songwriter, and performer is a triple threat that you definitely don’t want to sleep on. OUTTATUNE is constantly evolving, mixing in a variety of themes and topics throughout his songs. Through his music, OUTTATUNE aims to uplift the downhearted, hoping to help them work through their issues through his contemplative, honest verses.

Now, let’s dive into OUTTATUNE’s single, “Highs & Lows” feat. Amelia Harlovic. This self-reflective track tells the story of loving someone, losing them, and all of the emotions and growth that come along with that tumultuous journey. OUTTATUNE’s intimate verses articulate this path, with each new verse representing a different stage of growth and discovery.

Listeners are taken through the stages of love, loss, darkness, and perseverance, as the track is effortlessly carried along with an infectious beat that allows the lyrics to shine. OUTTATUNE’s lyrics are raw and emotive, not holding back on the darkness one sometimes faces along this path before one can feel progress beginning.

Throughout the hooks, Harlovic’s soothing vocals reflect OUTTATUNE’s sentiments. She brings in a smooth, comforting element to the track, that beautifully contrasts OUTTATUNES’s powerful, raw verses. Harlovic’s vocals flow atop the powerful soundscape OUTTATUNE has created through his energetic production, and gracefully carry us into each new verse.

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Congratulations on releasing “Highs & Lows.” This feels like a very personal journey that you’re referring to in the track, was it challenging to tap into this experience while writing “Highs & Lows?”

I did not find the narrative particularly challenging to create. I think that if you have been through a breakup then you can relate to the events of the song.

Is there a specific line or moment within this song that is particularly meaningful to you and can you explain why that is?

“Feelings wax and wane like phases of the moon.” Everyone’s journey is different, but we all experience the same feelings of sadness, denial, anger, etc. I like to think that this line defines the very character of the song.

We love what Amelia Harlovic brought to this track with her hook. Can you describe your experience collaborating with Amelia on “Highs & Lows?”

As I learned with my previous release, “Fun Run,” inviting someone to sing on the track weaves together a dynamic composition. Amelia, my dear cousin, revealed her eclectic voice in this song. Her earthy lows and seamless highs created the overall experience on “Highs & Lows.”

Is there a specific message you hope your listeners will take away from the song?

I hope my audience will know that you are not alone in experiencing these emotions. You may feel isolated at times but it’s normal.

What's next for you?

In early November, I performed in my first-ever live stream concert from Sonic Palace Studio. I hope to perform live again in the new year. Aside from that, I’m working on my second studio album. Stay tuned!


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