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Overcome the "Fight," With Just Once and His Undeniable Storytelling

Just Once is a New York-based songwriter and rapper, born and raised in Mount Vernon.

By working creatively with his peers from the age of 17, he grew his burning passion for music and writing. Having self-financed his musical education in music production at the Institute of Audio Research in New York City, he takes his musical influences of New York Hip-hop legends such as Heavy D, Pete Rock, CL Smooth, Grand Puba, and Jay-Z. He applies their unique and trademarked sound to the legacy that Just Once is carving out for himself.

Through a series of conscious bars that contribute to the depth running in Just Once’s mind, his most recent single “Fight,” takes us through the fiery hoops that he has leaped through in order to be where he is today.

The piano forward instrumentation sparks a light of inspiration within us as the harmonic sample that accompanies the poignant features of this composition instills a cognizant melody dwindling on hope and persistence.

Just Once has a distinct tone that exudes rays of his perseverance in a glimmering bout of technique attributing to talent. With his lyrical finesse making waves in the sonic realm of old-school Hip-hop, we find that Just Once plays upon what truly matters in the genre, and that’s telling a story that is backed with meaning.

If you’re in need of a refreshing outlook on what it takes to climb the ladder of success, Just Once has you covered with realism that has you grasping onto the edge of your seat. His lyrical motifs go above and beyond leaving an imprint with the words reiterated, and crawl into the illustrations that portray vivid imagery we can clasp onto.

Allowing us to tag along on the journey of his life as he continues to make his way to the top, the authenticity that shines through each word penned leaves us with a comforting feeling that drives the motivation we have living inside of ourselves.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Just Once. We admire the brilliance that you share with us in the lyrics of “Fight.” When it comes down to allowing yourself to be vulnerable, has that been something that has always flown naturally for you?

No, it has not always been something that came naturally or easily for me. I always kept what I was thinking or feeling concealed which lead to frustration and anger. I find it easier to let those feelings go through music.

In your own words, could you please shine a light on what “Fight” means to you? What do you hope that your audience can take away from it?

"Fight" is my motivation, my drive to keep moving forward and to keep grinding towards my goals in life. I would hope for my audience to gain this message from it: Don't give up, don't stop fighting for what you believe in, if you fall 7 times, get up 8. Also, make sure your circle of people, family or friends, will stand and fight through anything with you, not against you.

At what point did you know that you wanted to share this piece of your story with the world? How do you find that your headspace has adapted from the time of writing “Fight,” to this very moment?

I knew the moment I returned to the music industry this year that I was going to share my music and stories with the world. This record is just the first of many projects yet to come.

I got my mind right with this project. I am completely focused and now that this record is being heard around the world, I am eager to get more music out there!

Throughout your career, what is the proudest moment you have to share on your road to success?

This is one of my proud moments as we speak! Having the opportunity to return to the music industry as of 2021 and I am making every move possible to succeed. At age 23, my daughter was born and I was awarded custody of her which was, "the proudest moment of my life". At that point, I decided to put music on hold to raise her and make sure I was there for her 110% before returning.

What would you like new listeners to know about your music?

I intend to be diverse and consistent with my music. I will be working hard to create music my fans want to hear, I am not just making music for myself.


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