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Overeasy Blesses Us With “Blink”

This 4-piece alternative Hip-Hop/R&B group out of Philadelphia, PA goes by Overeasy. This quad combines elements of Pop, Jazz, and Alternative, the band and moves seamlessly through genres to create a unique sonic experience that attracts listeners from all across the musical spectrum. Smooth and soulful vocals with extremely catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics complement the funky, hard-hitting bass and drums, and the live performance explodes with energy and color. Overeasy's goal is simple, to spread positivity and unity through music that transcends genre, and to bridge the gaps between our neighbors to help foster a society and a culture based on love.

OVEREAS-AYYYYYY! I mean this group is something! "Blink" is a funky, groovy, jazzy track. I mean I have no idea where to start. The vocals for both guys in this give it two very different feels but together they work so well! This group has that feature sound within themselves and that is always going to keep the music sounding fresh. Production was done seamlessly with sounds pulling from so many different genres. I mean what a blend. Then the visual they have for this song is nuts and done with so much in mind. If you love the song you will love the video even more. Overeasy did not fail here.

Listen to "Blink" here.

Our interview questions below will help you get to know Overeasy a little better!

Hi guys! Could you introduce yourselves to our readers?

We are Overeasy. As a band we are Greg and Wes on vocals, Chris on bass and guitar, with myself (Ty) doing all production and playing keys, and Malik on drums.

What made you guys think to combine all your different elements to create one?

Before starting Overeasy, all of the members were pursuing other musical endeavors separately, occasionally crossing paths to help each other record or get a band together to play live. These separate projects ranged from classic rock, to hip-hop, to reggae, to alternative, and so by playing together we all got a feel and a taste for different kinds of music. As music in general began to break down barriers between genre, we realized that we WERE allowed to combine everything we listen to into one sound and that it was okay to make something that didn’t always fit into one box. We cherish this aspect of our band maybe most of all because it gives us all these opportunities to connect with different audiences and different demographics and really just more people in general.

Define Overeasy in reference to the band name

Greg came up with Overeasy when he started the band after he graduated college. There’s no really deep or special meaning behind it, overeasy was just something that we all thought looked and sounded cool and we kept the name as we started writing the Moods EP. 

The song “Blink” has some crazy dope sounds and an even crazier dope visual. How did the concept for the video come about?

So the concept for the “Blink” video came from our friend and creative collaborator Diamond Holland. She had begun helping us out with social media management around the time we booked the director, Bradley Atom, to shoot it. I had worked on videos with Bradley before, and we knew that he was great at taking a very vague idea and turning it into something great on the spot, and that’s exactly what he did. We all sat around Wes’s girlfriend’s apartment after taking out every piece of furniture, ordered mad pizza, and bounced a ton of different ideas off of each other, filmed them, messed around with a bunch of different lights, then did it again and again for the entire day. The end result is what you see now and we really couldn’t be happier with it. 

Do you guys write your own music?

All of our music is written by us. The writing process typically starts with creating a beat or a rhythm or a melody with Logic, Chris adding his parts on guitar or bass, Wes and Greg coming in to finish off vocals. We write and track just about everything in our living room. Since adding Malik on drums, we now take everything we track at home and bring it to our rehearsal space so that we can rework it for a live setting and really make the music come to life.

What's next for the band through 2019?

2018 was very good to us. Our last EP, Moods, brought us a lot of positive feedback and constructive criticisms that helped guide the band while creating our newest release, House Plant, which we released in the beginning of February 2019. Our main concern now is to show this EP to as many people as possible in whatever way we can. We’re already working on getting another video shot, and will be announcing a lot of great shows very shortly.


Connect with Overeasy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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