Overflow Gives Us a Club-Banging Hit With “Bad Mood”

Overflow released his single titled “Bad Mood” and this was a complete banger! Overflow’s bars, cadence, and aggressive delivery was FIRE! He had catchy punchlines alongside a witty and charismatic hook. “Bad Mood “ is the type of song that you can play in the club and the entire room will feel the energy that radiates through the record. The hard-hitting beat alongside the electrifying delivery made the energy quite exhilarating. Not only is Bad Mood a natural musical Gatorade, but it’s highly memorable. It’s the type of song that will become stuck in your head like super-glue and that you won’t be able to escape it.

Overflow has many different characteristics to his skill as a rapper which is why he’s a standout artist. Instead of sticking to one formula, he tackles multiple! He shows us that he can be not only marketable to the GP of hip-hop but skillful enough to brand himself through different genres. He’s fusing the two polar opposite musical elements, EDM with RAP. who else do you know has that ability to do this so smoothly? Overflow is undeniably an interesting rapper who we are keeping an eye out on for! As for his single “Bad Mood”, this song is immediately earning a spot on my playlist as a smashing party anthem that I can get hyped to!

You can listen to “Bad Mood” by Overflow here

Welcome to BuzzMusic OverFlow! What initially inspired you to pursue music and why?

To get my message out to the world. For much of my own life, I’ve been silent and have taken a very passive approach to everything. Rapping and producing has allowed me to take a more active role in my own life and I’ve been able to tell people my own views on things rather than just listen to them ramble on. Pursuing music has allowed me to live life as a more authentic self. 

Tell us about your single “Bad Mood”? What was the main theme you had surrounding this track?

When  I make music, I want to be either challenging a topic or expressing a specific emotion. As humans, we can all tap into our own sense of humanity and the feelings that come along with it. This time around, I wanted to embo