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Pagan Picnic Will Charm You With Latest Release “Neon Strip”

Pagan Picnic released “Neon Strip” and this wasn’t an easy song to interpret but we love a challenge! Pagan Picnic did a great job isolating the meaning behind the song and i say that because for me, it really evoked my interest in the record more. Pagan Picnic has an electrifying sound, and hauntingly eerie voice that sends chills through your body. So while you’re becoming practically mesmerized and enthralled by their spellbinding and enrapturing voice, you’re relaxed by the gorgeous sounds of the guitar and lost in the attempt of decoding the message of “Neon Strip”.

“Neon Strip” evokes the nomadic emotion in our body, it sets off a feeling of curiosity to explore the song in a more depth manner. For me, it’s fun being able to become a union with the art and to scavenger through the melancholic aesthetic to find the morale. Pagan Picnic has an appealing vibe where you’re interested in seeing the act live. Their music is attracting enough alongside their charisma and aura that’s subtly presented in the music itself. Pagan picnic is a band I think we will be hearing a lot from in these upcoming year!

Listen to "Neon Strip" here and get to know Pagan Picnic in our interview below!

Hey guys, how did you guys meet and form? Where did you get the name “Pagan Picnic”?

We were all invited to a nobleman's 19th century-themed masquerade and coincidentally we all came dressed as Catherine Earnshaw from Wuthering Heights. We bonded over this fact and became friends. Then we started a band. We had no idea what to call our band but eventually decided on Pagan Picnic, a name inspired by an odd encounter we had with people who were performing pagan rituals in the woods outside of our hometown.

Have you guys ever performed live yet?

Is that an invite to come play in LA? Then count us in! But so far we've only played local gigs.

How do you find most of your inspiration for your songwriting?

We just try to make music that we enjoy playing and listening to. You get ideas from everything really, whether it’s other music, art or just life in general.

What’s the meaning behind “Neon Strip”?

The words just sounded cool together. The song with the same name is about a person’s romantic relationship with a mannequin.

In your opinion, what sets you apart from other bands in the industry?

We have a diverse background and our music is not defined by genre. We write music not because we think it’s cool or to get laid, we play because we have to. It’s like pooping, it’s just something we have to do to keep living.

Any exciting plans for this year?

We’ll write and record more music, and hopefully play lots of live shows, maybe even a few festivals if we’re lucky.


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